Condominio P / C+C04STUDIO

© Pierluigi Dessì / Confinivisivi

Architects: C+C04STUDIO & Francesco Atzeri Engineer
Location: Cagliari,
Collaborators: Andrea Massa, Simona Dall’argine, Giampaolo Meloni, Gabriele Antonino Coco, Stefano Pusceddu
Surveyors: Di Persio Costruzioni
Contractor: Ziro Immobiliare srl
Budget: € 3.000.000
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Pierluigi Dessì / Confinivisivi

“Condominio P” is a residential building located in Cagliari. The complex lies in an area affected by profound changes in urban planning and architecture, not all positive. While the building fabric of the neighborhood – characterized by small low buildings developed in the 30s and 50s – has been transformed in the nineties by operations that have produced new replacement buildings of modest architectural quality, future projects seem to reverse a negative trend once ugly and anonymous.

plan 00

Close to the site, to the south, the recent demolition of a disused concrete factory has released an area in which a new residential area with ample space and new facilities for the tertiary sector has been implemented. The intervention of the new “condominium P” is taking its first steps in the direction of seeking a synthesis between architectural rigor and desire for a certain distance from anonymousness and grayness.

© Pierluigi Dessì / Confinivisivi

The project research either the unity of the building as a whole and the uniqueness of individual homes, fostering a collective understanding of the building as a system consisting of individual and recognizable “cells”.

© Pierluigi Dessì / Confinivisivi

The building is configured as the addition of “container-house” superimposed, differentiated and visible. The use of color becomes an instrument “anti-dullness,” and at the same time a means to identify the different containers-house recognizable even with the introduction of large numbers engraved on the coating of colored melamine laminate. The available choice of “container-house” between the floors is non-repetitive. For this reason there is no “type floor” and each apartment is unique. This architectural concept is visible in the facade by the use of color and by integrating the empty terrace. These elements of “diversion volume” separate the container-house and build relationships of exchange between interior space and outer space.

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  • PatrickLBC

    I like several things about this project: 1. They maintained the street frontage and placed the parking at the interior of the site. 2. The expression of individuality among the units. 3. The ample balconies/terraces. 4. The conversion of a formerly industrial area into mixed-use residential. Thumbs up from me!

  • Nicholas Patten

    Colorful: Condominio P.

  • SB

    At first I dind’t think much of the scheme. But looking a little further, it is quite interesting. Some of the bedrooms did suffer a bit, but overall seems to be quite a nice scheme with walkways, balconies, and an interesting articulation of the massing. It instills a bit of life into a, otherwise, pretty dull area (from the context photo).

  • INawe

    MVRDV did it better in there Silodam project which was done 1995-2003.

    This project is has nice qualities however.

  • INawe

    MVRDV did it better in their Silodam project which was done 1995-2003.

    This project is has nice qualities however.

  • INawe

    Sorry for the double post and the grammatical errors. Apparently my dyslexia is horrible today. Or maybe its the slow recovery from fat tuesday last night. ;)

  • Dimitris

    This is a very exciting photo. No matter if it’s been done before – is there something out there that hasn’t? :-)

  • Michael

    It’s interesting to look first at the photos, then the plans.

    The form/concept of the building is completely clear.
    A series of single-level boxes stacked on top of each other.

    Then have a look at the plans.
    Most of the apartments are two storeys.

    I don’t particularly care, it just came as a bit of a surprise really….

  • Adhitecture

    I think this one is still better looking than Silodam project which was done 1995-2003…

  • Adhitecture

    nice, but the builder either the architect should be more care with the existing elements surrounding it too.. i.e. the traffic sign pole, electric/phone cable pole and pedestrian is so disturbing view..

  • Moreno

    Bravi, so quanto e´difficile fare architettura in Sardegna (Italia), quindi siete stati bravissimi.
    A parte i giudizi estetici, o funzionali, la grande forza di questo progetto consiste nella carica innovativa che apporta in un panorama archittettonico, permeato di facile storicismo, e di basso livello creativo, dove ogni piccola innovazione architettonica e´soggetta a fortissime pressioni esterne che ne uccidono la volonta e quindi la forza.


  • that’s what she

    love the twisted “stop sign”

  • giulio

    is nice to see that someone is able to built something new in Italy especially in Cagliari!
    I really like this kind of architecture, and i think also look at MVRDV it is a good way!
    congratulations at the group!

  • raul

    Very nice projects. seems that there is a place for every type of family or single. Love the diversity they put on it, ant yet it’s so elegant. Also love some pormenors like the balconys wich give the houses a sense of individuality. And such a nice integration on the site. First project that as gave me needs for comment.


  • Luca

    Colpevolmente non l’ho ancora visto di persona. Davvero una bellissima costruzione.