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Usuki House / Tonoma

  • 01:00 - 14 February, 2010
Usuki House / Tonoma
Usuki House / Tonoma, © Hiroshi Murata
© Hiroshi Murata

© Hiroshi Murata © Hiroshi Murata © Hiroshi Murata © Hiroshi Murata +17

  • Location

    Hyougo, Japan
  • Architects

    Architect Associates Tonoma
  • Area

    297.69 sqm
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

From the architect. In the site, the shape becomes the semicircle shape in the neighbor of the main building. It was necessary to build the new house in consideration of a main building and a small barn. Therefore I regarded the residence of a main building and the barn, and posted the volume of the south side and the slippage volume which went in the shape of the hemicycle of the north side.

As a result, a remaining site becomes the garden, and the appearance with various expressions is formed.

About the planning, I distribute each room by the volumes that I arranged aside and slippage, and the intersecting part becomes the lighting window.

© Hiroshi Murata
© Hiroshi Murata

At first, when I enter at the entrance hall of the south side, gentle light come in the corridor which I bent. Through a western opening, therefore Impressive space is born. There is a tokonoma of the south side and courtyard of the north side in a Japanese-style room of the entrance west, and there is Living that a family lives in of the entrance east.Living and Dining becomes the characteristic space by placement of the volume.They are just divided into living and dining in a bending part.

The lighting takes it in the south side and the southeastern side in front of the kitchen from a big window, and the morning sun comes in in dining in the breakfast, and the wife can watch a garden of the southeast side while working in a kitchen.

© Hiroshi Murata
© Hiroshi Murata

The second floor changes the first floor's impressions.

I establish the balcony through the two volumes and arrange the nursery of the south side and the master bedroom of the north side. As a result, inside space and remaining outside space formed by the condition of the site and placement of two volume bring about the slow relations of the family.

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José Luis Serrano · February 17, 2010

Me encanta la arquitectura japonesa:

nasir · February 17, 2010

stairs are created interestingly, and i like the views from house.

arnold · February 16, 2010

I like very much Japan (Nipon) modern architecture. But when I'm looking at this house: the first idea what comes to my mind - is modern Japan architecture is only modern clear box? everywhere in Japan what is modern architecture - are boxes, boxes, boxes..
In this landscape (arch.context) this house inappropriate. It looks like foreign body, but nice "body". I do not agree with these architects, who designed this house. This house in this nice and very japanese surrounding looks strange. Espiacialy, this house a bit looks like modern europien!). this house doesn't has CLEAR japan style. It's a bit strange. This house, if we ignore/reject the Japan surrounding, could stand everywhere: in Spain, in Portugal, in Greece, in Texase, in Ibiza.. And you'll never think, what architects of this building are japanese. It's sad a little.

katsuya_marutani · February 16, 2010
Jakov · February 16, 2010

I think it's refreshing to see extroverted house after all those overly introverted japanese houses. Bad view is still better than no view in my opninion

Adrem · February 16, 2010

Way too extroverted for such a poor environment (first large picture of the inside: look at those views!)

Ingo Ratsdorf · February 16, 2010

I generally like the design, particularly the interior. It is beautifully crafted, has amazing woodwork and a great contrast between the walls and timber. I do not agree with previous posters about the lack of colour. Consider it a white canvas that yet has to be filled by the inhabitants, with pictures, decoration and furniture. It is a decent architecture that does not force itself over the human but rather provides a background for human belongings.
I do indeed agree that the exterior looks cheap and is not that well detailed and crafted. The shape is somewhat alien to the location, the contrast with the old shed is ridiculous. The various window types are a mismatch. The site looks rather omitted.

gatz · February 15, 2010

nothing to see · February 15, 2010

I love the color scheme, white and timber, one of my favorites. Now just some nice, black leather furniture and some greenery here and there and here we have designer oasis.

N!CK · February 15, 2010

I really love all the furniture inside, uhum

Derek Thomas · February 15, 2010

RT @NicholasPatten: I&#39d Live Here: Usuki House.

dUFFY · February 15, 2010

Awesome, beautiful little house, I absolutely love the little rustic shed that was kept? or built ? Great work


Nicholas Patten · February 15, 2010

I&#39d Live Here: Usuki House.

Seb · February 15, 2010


Alex · February 15, 2010

Beautiful and light interior spaces. Amazing wood work on the floors.

Architecture+Molding · February 15, 2010

Usuki House / Tonoma: © Hiroshi Murata
Architects: Architect Associates Tonoma
Location: Hyougo, Japan
Site Area: ...

Doug · February 15, 2010

What? Why is this here?

Carlos Ferreira · February 15, 2010 12:51 PM

But oooooh! The walls are all white! Now that's original. Another architect afraid of color or texture.

I'm with you. It's not bad, but hardly imaginative, unique or especially well resolved, and it lacks any interesting detail.

Margie · February 15, 2010

Usuki House / Tonoma | ArchDaily

Graham Cowen · February 14, 2010

This is beautiful ... What a calm space! RT Usuki House / Tonoma (via @archdaily)

Bruno Mathsson · February 14, 2010

RT @archdaily: Usuki House / Tonoma

ArchitecturePassion · February 14, 2010

Usuki House / Tonoma: © Hiroshi Murata Architects: Architect Associates Tonoma Location: Hyougo, Japan Site Are..

bartb · February 14, 2010

RT @archdaily: Usuki House / Tonoma


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