Penthouse sur Loire / Avignon et Clouet


Stéphane Chalmeau shared with us this great Penthouse refurbishment made by french architects Avignon et Clouet in Nantes, France, giving great sunlight to the interiors using glass divisions instead of solid walls and including an indoor pool with an amazing view to the city.

Take a look at the complete photoset after the break.

Cite: "Penthouse sur Loire / Avignon et Clouet" 06 Feb 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 Jul 2014. <>


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    It seems like a great layout but I hate the materials employed. Everything looks like plastic. It’s like living in a hospital.
    The retracted stairs are cool… but probably not necessary with better planning.

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    Pretty pictures, but it’s hard to make sense of the space without floorplans. Is there some reason they were omitted?

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    I liked the stair until I saw it retracted. That just makes it seem kitschy, like the rest of this project. It looks like an overpriced hotel room.

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    Nice pool!

    What are the dimensions of the pool? Anyone know or good guess?

    Length x width

    thx in advance

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      As I can see this building almost every day, I can tell that the pool is about 12 meters long, not more than 2.5 meters large and about 1 meter deep. A place to swimm alone.

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    I’ve seen that building in some magazine.
    That’s a very good job !!!
    Congratulations you two!

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    I like the stair and the external view
    I can’t imagine the spaces without the plan
    It seems simple

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    I live in Nantes, not far away from this building that has a wonderful view on the Loire and the city. But, even thought this is a very good (and expensive) work of those architects, what’s the use of it if no one ever lives in ? I’ve never seen anybody at the windows, any lights at night.

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