Bastogne / adn Architectures


Architects: adn Architectures
Location: La Roche-en-Ardenne,
Collaborators: David Henquinet, Nicolas Iacobellis, Didier Vander Heyden
Contractor: W.S.K
Project Area: 140 sqm
Project Year: 2007-2009
Photographs: adn Architectures

To achieve a tension and duality between the existing situation and the foreseen intervention, the atmosphere is deliberately oriented towards streamlining, with a work on raw materials and an abstraction of spaces through the colour white. One of the envisioned goals of the design is to highlight the “materiality” of the two shale dividing walls, the fitting and lime mortar grouting of which attest the history of the building.

© adn Architectures
© adn Architectures

The appearance of shale, the building’s main raw material, is made abstract behind the white paint coating. The intent is to emphasize the rough feel of the texture, as opposed to the smoothness of the plastering, the concrete and the floors.

level 00 plan
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  • Modern Zen Architecture

    I really like the contrast we see in texture. One room can use a little more black to offset the white.

  • ap

    Correct the title, please. It is Habitation Bastogne (see ).

  • word

    This is a really cool house, but the images here are not great. I recommend following the link from the post above to check out some better quality photos and some progress pics.

  • Michael

    It’s nice to see small, thoughtful projects like this.
    Very refreshing to see something done well on a tight budget (I am guessing here, but it doesn’t look expensive).
    My only gripe is not really a gripe at all, but I would love to see photos of it furnished. I think some good furniture and personal ‘stuff’ would make this a really cozy and quirky home, not nearly as sterile as the photos suggest.
    Oh, and I feel sorry for the poor apprentice who had to paint the brickwork and stonework. That would have been hell!!
    Great little project. Well done.

  • joe Klein

    the wording is annoying *nod nod i understand ya ya ok = “special”

    what excites me is modernism applied to pre existing arch/situations

    being good with noting is surly something.


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  • drome

    bad quality photos for a nice project!