Fujitsobo / Archivision

© Yuichi Higurashi

Architects: Archivision
Location: , Japan
Principals in Charge: Yoshihiro Hirotani & Yusaku Ishida
Structural Engineers: Umezawa Structural Engineers
Mechanical Engineers: Azu Planning
General Contractor: Daido Housing
Site Area: 67.88 sqm
Constructed Area: 108.31 sqm
Project Year: 2008-2009
Photographs: Yuichi Higurashi

This beauty parlor stands in the Omote-sando area of Tokyo, which represents one of the trend setting centers for this metropolis. The building has three roof openings which pours light into the interior and, which, by slit-like openings in the floor is led into the floors below, reaching the ground floor, which in turn can be seen from the street level through its large glass windows.

© Yuichi Higurashi

Thereby, expressing the image of a “vessel of light.” It is, also, a message of “nature” in an area where there is an abundance of “artificial” light. Structurally, the shape of a “barnacle” with its thin yet hard cladding being the image, the three four-cornered conical forms in reinforced concrete are the structural elements for the roof and walls. Copper sheets cover the intricate shapes of the roof and walls as the finish material for the building, which has incorporated the exterior insulation construction method. The copper sheets, which change with the passing of time, have been used to express “Time” in an area where information and environments are ever rapidly changing.

© Yuichi Higurashi
© Yuichi Higurashi

This small piece of architecture is an experimental expression of the universal theme of “light” and “time.”

Cite: "Fujitsobo / Archivision" 01 Feb 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 28 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=47647>
  • Brion
  • hbchbc


  • Dude
    • INawe

      I like the Parr House way better than the house in Kohuku and the above project. The courtyard spaces make it that much richer. The other two are one liners and are just about doing a “cool” form.

    • Kangaceiro Gozador

      ARCHITECTURE OF 1950 with a new skin…

      Owners don´t have money …..or no haven´t head ?

  • JL

    looks like a chocolate factory…

  • AA

    What happens when the snow fall?

  • chicago_g

    looks familiar….

  • mima

    who is using this and what is this building used for?

  • Arquipablo

    another volcano roof…..!!?

    really…. have any special meaning that I do not know…?

  • arqshow

    kohoku + Parr = Fujitsobo

  • http://www.modern-zen.com/ Modern Zen Architecture

    In time, just like the Statue of Liberty (made of copper), this cute little architectural wonder will turn into a moldy green color.

    Now that it’s new, I hope lightning never strikes it. Copper is also a very good conductor of electricity.

    • Dr Stephan

      it is also quite poisonous which make it a very strange choice of facade material for a house.

    • Salt

      You would rather it burst into flames when hit by lightning instead of conducting the electrical energy harmlessly to ground? Copper patina is not mold – it is oxidation of the copper surface which develops a protective natural patina. reds, browns, blue-greens as it ages and gives copper its extraordinary long life, durabilty, zero maintenance and very eco-friendly green stature. Most people find the pastel green hue pleasing and more natural.

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  • gwri

    the outside is beautiful

  • Rodrigo Tello

    Pezo Von Elrichshausen – Chile

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  • RGoldschmidt

    Ok, I’m not a rasist, but this house or building is looking like gipsey’s house roof in Romania, only that they don’t use that material and skin.

  • http://www.rutlandguttersupply.com/blog/ Rutland Copper

    As a copper aficionado, I enjoy seeing copper architecture. Copper is one of the best green building materials known to man and I would like to see more architecture employ it. This is a simple, yet attractive design, providing good volume for the footprint. The inside is a little sterile for me, but this supposedly houses a beauty parlor. Like no beauty parlor I’ve ever seen. I applaud the architect’s resolve!

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