Centauro Concept Store / AUM Arquitetos


Architect: AUM arquitetos – André Dias Dantas, Bruno Bonesso Vitorino, Renato Dalla Marta, Ana Maria Montag, Maíra Baltrusch
Location: São Paulo,
Client: Grupo SBF
Constructed Area: 830 sqm
Project year: 2008
Photographs: Bebete Viegas, Renato Dalla Marta

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The project for a concept store for Centauro at Shopping Cidade Jardim in São Paulo, Brazil, exploit some strong elements that the brand already has. The idea started from a design that shows, somehow, similarity to the existing brand and not a complete rupture.

ground floor plan
ground floor plan

The use of the red and white colors, which are characteristics of the brand, and exploring the race track, which exists in all stores, were important elements in the new project.

The fundamental concept that guided the work was the creation of continuous areas that could be deformed and turned into structural elements of the store or even product supports, breaking the regularity of the space.


For the coating of walls and ceilings, we used successive rings of white aluminum composite material of 1.25 m, arranged diagonally both vertical and horizontal, forming no parallel plans. These plans support products and allow an indirect lighting, creating a large box of light. The inclination of the panels also gives a better view of products behind glasses.


The red track is another prominent element of the project. We treat it as an area that spreads through the store and becomes unusual and impressive elements. At the junction of the two axes, practically in the heart of the area, appears in the lining of the mezzanine, emphasizing the strength of the brand and becoming a corporate identification element. From this centre it covers the walls at the background of the store, turning on to a ladder. The red area surrounding the mezzanine, showing up in the upper deck and the lining in the lower deck, becomes part of the counter box and a vertical plan that set the limits to the fitting room area.

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  • http://twitter.com/ibelli/status/7052355934 Julio Ibelli

    loja da centauro no shopping cidade jardim, em são paulo, é destaque do @archdaily: http://ur.ly/3ORL

  • rupertKensington

    Heatherwick did it better in Longchamp

  • Jorge A. Vásquez N.


  • knt

    I’ll buy it!

  • Ralph Kent

    As you said, rupertKensignton, it appears the over-riding ‘concept’ of this ‘concept store’ was to be a poor-man’s knock-off of a Heatherwick. A little too shameless and flagrant for my book, that copying.

  • tsiaz

    i think this would all look better if it wasn’t over crowded with clothes .. and was also on the same tip as a concept clothes store.. ie just showing one of every style…

  • http://rokdd.de/s/architektur/ hfg

    a bit wired and expressive but calm to go shopping nor?!

  • Fernandes

    I really like this, but i question me about feeling of chase these tapes cause in people.

  • cauliflower

    i like the color.

  • ms

    Ali Rahim! Paging Ali Rahim!


    (And he did it better.)

  • http://www.stephenalton.com stephen alton

    Perfect retail solution! simple, powerful, and can be recreated in numerous types of conditions with similar impact.

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    #architecture Centauro Concept Store – http://bit.ly/6XbNgshttp://bit.ly/8zPvFr

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    Centauro Concept Store/SP saiu no ArchDaily :) http://is.gd/5DgEe

  • negative poeple


    haters haters everywhere!!!!
    why you always talk about copying etc.? it looks similar, so what???

    you people sit in your f*d up flats and critisize architects :)

    • rupertKensington

      we sit in our ‘f’d up flats’ because architects and students are poor- especially now. criticism is what makes this field beautiful and fuels its evolution. design is infinite, there is no excuse for blatant emulation.

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  • x

    I believe that may occur two similar solutions in different contexts, without any relation.

  • joe shome

    i like it … its pretty cool …

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    Centauro Concept Store / AUM Arquitetos http://bit.ly/8qVkTi

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  • La Ode Adam Saputra

    wow. i like red. red from ferrari