Cube house / AR Arquitetos

© Maíra Acayaba
© Maíra Acayaba

Architects: / Marina Acayaba, Juan Pablo Rosenberg
Location: Sao Paulo,
Contractor: Construsil S.A.
Site Area: 92.50 sqm
Project Area: 92.50 sqm
Project Year: 2008
Construction Year: 2009
Photographs: Maíra Acayaba

© Maíra Acayaba © Maíra Acayaba © Maíra Acayaba © Maíra Acayaba


House in a village in the neighborhood of Pompeia, São Paulo, Brazil.
width of the road: 2.60 m
Plot – area: 92.50 sqm; front: 6.60 m; background: 14m, twinned on both sides

exploded axo
exploded axo


Residence for a couple without children;
Kitchen as the heart of the house = living and kitchen integrated;
Host friends often and wish to have a baby soon = 03 bedrooms
The couple studies and work at home = office with large library
They grow many kinds of plants = outdoor areas
Very close neighbors

© Maíra Acayaba
© Maíra Acayaba


A large house in a small plot


He wants maximum privacy, she wants an open house with garden (clear and airy)


The house was closed to the street and opened into the lot, creating a microclimate.

© Maíra Acayaba
© Maíra Acayaba


Maintain the threshold of the demolished old house (+0.90 m), creating a basement, which houses the library and office with a complete bathroom, convertible to guest-room. From there, the street is seen from an unusual point of view with the sky over the desk.


A cube of about 6 X 6 X 6m placed in the center of the lot, twinned on both sides, opens onto two yards, front and back, allowing maximum use of land with preservation of outdoor areas as extensions of the house.

ground floor plan
ground floor plan
first floor plan
first floor plan


Another cube of 3 X 3 X 3m, uncovered, posed in the front setback, as an extrusion of the main one, completes the house volume, defining the garage void. It comprehends the front courtyard opened to the living-room and also accomodates the laundry.


Once the house is opened onto both front and back yards, internal and external areas are merged, without loss of privacy. It means maximum use of the plot, providing abundant natural lighting and ventilation.

© Maíra Acayaba
© Maíra Acayaba


Ideal distribution for intimate, social and work spaces, allowing concurrent activities without interference.


A large space in a small house.

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  • Ronny Nunez

    This is screaming Tetsuka house all over it.

    • gorgos

      lol, Indeed Im sure the architects are aware of mr Pawson´s existence. Nevertheless a charming house.

      • SB


      • Ronny Nunez

        No doubt.

      • josep

        yes and Mr Pawson is also aware that the same was done a few times prior to his design! So what? the key is not to always create something new or different but to do it well or are you telling me that all that work of OMA [which clearly borrows from the master MIes] is not valid?????

    • Felipe Goes

      Great house. Very unpretending and flexible spaces.

  • Tosh

    I think that this is a very successful project. I would like a house like that when I get the money. Simple, straightforward, very cute and nice spaces. Really open and lit up. Only one comment: maybe not completely white walls. They became really banal in the last 10-20 years..

    I’m not sure where I’ve seen something like that, but the precedents are plenty, I’m sure about that.

  • archaalto

    wow…at first it could seem like there isn’t much there, but the photography does a good job of highlighting all the little surprises behind every corner. great natural lighting!

  • andre gope

    good brazilian architecture!
    i was missing this! :)

  • stanislav slavov

    i like this minimal style – simple form in good combination

    keep the way!!!
    Stanislav Slavov

  • wtf111

    too minimal. no warmth in there. the pictures look totally staged. look how uncomfortable the “tv room” is.
    they don’t even have a freakin’ table in their kitchen.

    the usage of light and connection of open spaces is nice though.
    but i think that minimalist style is really outdated.
    it all creates a constructed picture which will be disturbed by anything which makes us human – like for example a pile of magazines placed in the “wrong place”. you gotta have a really tidy housekeeper to keep up that picture.

    personally i think it’s totally impracticable and too much forced.

  • hunter

    same florist as in sannaa’s book HOUSES…

    fine house!

  • pedro varella

    continuo achando muito bom projeto , parabens para os dois.

    até o rio…

  • Mathias

    Très beau travail. Simple, minimaliste, spacieux, profond.
    Tout ce qu’on aime pour bien vivre!
    Continuez comme ça.

  • Beto

    Muito bom ver que a arquitetura brasileira vem perdendo as amarras!!!..fico muito contente de saber que existem novos arquitetos brasileiros produzindo boa arquitetura contemporânea, de uma maneira universal, sem ter o rabo preso com nada. Pode parecer só uma pequena casa, mas pode ter certeza que ela tem uma grande importancia.

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  • carol gay

    awesome!!this is contemporary architecture!

  • Xavier

    The ‘minimalism’ referred in previous comments in my opinion was not opted. It is the corollary expression of an architecture that was heavily conditioned by the project’s demands.

    If the young couple modeling is the real owner of the house, its not hard to imagine that they are enjoying their first dwelling. It is evident from the materials picked and their finishing that they where chosen to maintain a restricted budget and that they are trying to get the most from them.

    Which ever is the case, the vital expression of an architecture that is thought to fulfill basic needs is always appealing. Although the space for the living and the kitchen does look narrow, I believe they won’t be having problems dealing with it.