Passion House M1 / Architect 11

  • 20 Aug 2013
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Architects: Architect 11
Architect In Charge: Eero Endjärv
Interior Architect: Hannelore Kääramees
Area: 51.4 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Courtesy of Architect 11

Courtesy of Architect 11

From the architect. The house is designed as an addition for possible existing house of the same series already on the plot, to be a garden sauna, guesthouse or shed. Or it can be independent development – a summer cottage with sauna; a guesthouse, beach house. It has two versions for functional layout – one with larger sauna and other with main bedroom instead sauna.

Courtesy of Architect 11

Design of this model is part of larger concept and is intended to match with larger houses in same series. The whole model range at the moment is about 10 different layouts and sizes, starting from 40 sqm sauna and ending with 500 sqm villa. This number will grow as there will be more variety that needs to be covered.

Courtesy of Architect 11

Design of the series has grown out from a concept to mix a prefab structural insulated envelope with on-site reinforced concrete. During developement we decided to go for faster installation times on site – the intention is to minimize the time and works on plot. This approach allows to have lesser impact for nature, most of the works can be done in controlled environment regardless of weather conditions, installers have to spend less time on farther locations and factory environment allows some level of automated or parallel tasks to be fulfilled that are not possible by building it on site.

Courtesy of Architect 11

This series will enter into fierce and competitive prefab market. It is designed to fulfill the energy consuption requirements in nordic countries, even snow load requirements up to 3 kN. Houses are equipped with high standard ventilation systems, full automation and management systems, they are designed to utilize a solar heating during spring and autumn, have shelter from sun during summer months, thus not requiring a cooling system. Used building materials are in most parts wood, walls are vapour permeable and facades are ventilated. Structural frame is made of glulam, walls have rockwool insulation, internal walls are made of cross-laminated-timber panels, windows are wood-aluminium and furmiture is either painted or laminated MDF boards.

Courtesy of Architect 11

The design concept is intended to have more similarities with stone or concrete house than traditional wooden house. From original reinforced concrete design we maintained this simple form and ideology – the internal insulated structure has few tasks – keep warm and be able to support itself. Outer exosceleton would withstand all forces – wind, snow, rain – give shelter against sun and so forth. Same idea has been developed also in here – the outer form – stone-clad facade and cantilevered roof on top of the terrace – will act like protective shell for softer and warmer interior. The resulting form is one design element that is defining the architectural language for the whole series. With this approach most of different house models can be combined with each other, put up in groups or have expansions like this small sauna house.

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  • charlie.charles

    nice design
    what is the sofa name in the living room? looks grate

    • Eero

      Sofa has no name, it is custom, not in production anywhere.

  • Ola

    I was looking at the map… Are you sure that the house is situated in Port-au-Prince? I mean, it is an Estonian firm that built it.