LEGO® Architecture Studio Now Available

  • 02 Aug 2013
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  • Architecture News
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UPDATE: This original announcement incorrectly stated that LEGO® Architecture Studio is available worldwide. Currently, the set is only available for shipment within the United States.

LEGO® has unveiled the newest addition to their architecturally-inspired family of products: LEGO® Architecture Studio. Designed as a tool for adults to unleash their inner creative, the 1200-piece, monochromatic set is intended to inspire the masses to think like an architect by creating their own building designs. For just $150, LEGO® fanatics can acquired their own architecture studio set and learn from some of the world’s most renowned architects with a 272-page inspirational guidebook. Though all-nighters are not a prerequisite, most LEGO® Architecture Studio owners have experienced long-lasting design charrettes due to the addictive nature of LEGO®.

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  • Will

    Cool I love LEGO

  • Cross

    Yep, worldwide.. as long as you’re in the US :(

    • jairzlr

      It’s because to Americans, the US is the only country in the world.


    Hello, I am based in Nigeria and I would like to purchase the LEGO Architecture Studio.

    • Che Quevara

      No LEGO for Nigerians SCAMMERS!!!!

    • MyMalls

      Hello John,
      We have just shipped a LEGO Architecture Studio from the US to Malaysia, maybe we could help you too?
      Please email for details.

  • Corb

    Yep America = the world apparently. Need to rename it to modulawwrr :P

  • javi

    If you need to purchase from another location… change the region on the top right corner of the lego store website. Remember, Lego IS NOT a US company.

    • Cross

      Javi, thanks for your advice. However, have you tried it yourself before sharing it? If you would, you’d find out that this product is not available in any other region apart of the US (or at least those that I’ve checked, Canadian, most of the Europeans etc.). And it cannot be shipped from the US e-shop to Europe…

  • Anthony Gugliotta

    Good Idea. Too expensive.

  • Cory Brookes

    I don’t understand how a bunch of white blocks “unleashes the inner creative”? I see more interesting houses created by my 4 year old, using the wide variety of my old LEGOs. There’s more to architecture than just International Style.

  • Hi

    I’m curious of how this isn’t available even in Denmark while it is in USA? Globalisation…(?!)
    (All in all, nothing personal here since I’m from Estonia and lack money for such curiosities anyway.

  • theclaus

    Someone should do the math if you buy only the pieces themselves.

  • Supertramp

    Hello, I’m french and I would like to buy lego studio architectures. Where I can find this? Maybe, someone could to send me lego architectures… It’s about a present’s birthday ! My email :