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  • 01:00 - 29 October, 2009
Casadetodos, © Gonzalo Puga
© Gonzalo Puga

© Gonzalo Puga © Gonzalo Puga © Gonzalo Puga © Gonzalo Puga +56

  • Architects

  • Location

    Santiago de Chile
  • Architect

    Verónica Arcos
  • Design

  • Collaborator

    Anna Pla Catalá, Architect, AADipl, MScAAD
  • Structural Engenieer

    José Manuel Morales
  • Clients

    Rodrigo Arcos, Alejandra Schmidt
  • Construction

  • Area

    220.0 sqm
  • Photographs

From the architect. The Casadetodos villa is a project that arises from a single family house comission, at the high region of El Arrayán, Santiago.

The project is articulated from the intention of exploring potentials in non conventional structures; the generation of complex surfaces and ensuring views towards the mountain.

© Gonzalo Puga
© Gonzalo Puga

The structural strategy consists in positioning four metalic frames on each axis. Each frame is conceived as a single architectonic piece which varies according to the programmatic needs, creating ruled surfaces, making a loft through them.

© Gonzalo Puga
© Gonzalo Puga

The frames are in this way understood as a series of `components´that repeat and variate in the project benefit. These components try to express the structural efforts as much as they can, leaving them naked, at the interior and exterior of the house. Those are inspired on hanging bridges, aiming to get a slender structure of evident structural efforts by built vectors. From here big cantilevers are generated which give lightness to the hanging volumes, and create a covered terrace bellow.

© Gonzalo Puga
© Gonzalo Puga

Each room, except the service zone is opened to the mountain. Considering the south facade , the rooms are therefore illuminated from the north with an interior patio and skylights above the rooms on the second floor...-remember in the south hemisphere we get the sun from the north-.

© Gonzalo Puga
© Gonzalo Puga

The north facade is completely blind, because it is exposed to the street which is on a higher level. To get a degree of intimacy on the second level, a double curved surface is constructed; it will be a visual protection and also part of the beach-terrace on the rooftop.

© Gonzalo Puga
© Gonzalo Puga

In the Casadetodos, the leisure spaces are privileged, spaces that enable a direct relation with the nature in either intimate spaces, or dramatically opened ones towards the mountain.

© Gonzalo Puga
© Gonzalo Puga
Cite: "Casadetodos" 29 Oct 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Wahyu Adi Saputra · April 25, 2012

Casadetodos / Veronica Arcos | ArchDaily

Arq Rony Cleyton · November 21, 2010

Casadetodos / Veronica Arcos | ArchDaily via @archdaily

chris · September 30, 2010

quite formal house

Andre Eisenlohr · August 31, 2010

Casadetodos / Veronica Arcos | ArchDaily via @archdaily | Vídeo com entrevista:

chemixaL_Struct.Eng · July 21, 2010

Great looking house, but it would be really interesting to know about the roof materials. Does anyone have any idea where the rain water goes or how the water insulation is done?

Zitoon · November 07, 2009

brilliant structure! good result. that's innovation !

airegui · November 02, 2009

Muy bien, lástima la fachada de alcobas, hubiera podido ser un 10/10

emcee · November 01, 2009

it's a beautiful project, congratulations, it is beautiful to let the structure (and the constructive method) "talk" clearly, but I really miss some further information about "the house"... neither the cool shapes, nor the cool wooden surfaces; but the space inside. It is very easy here to get super excited about cool shapes, large cantilevers and fancy photos and say "brilliant architecture", but we shouldn't forget that true "brilliant architecture" does depend on some other things as well, doesn't it?

So I'd really have appreciated less artistic photos and more "real life" of a room, the kitchen in use, the hall... beyond the beautiful wooden skin, how different and innovative is the house space? the house life?

I'd really love to know, by the way, what does happen inside the north facade cantilever? You can't see that in the second level floor plan. Is it just a blind box??

Gorgos · October 31, 2009

Congratulations Veronica for having the cojones to be different!

Im from Greece. There's really no way of dealing with neighbouring buildings when they are kitsch (which they usually are here....) The only plus is they make your building look even nicer.

Your building is unique in a very good way, and I cant see how it could fit in well in any neighbourhood, as some seem to imply.

frank Wilson · October 31, 2009

Context does not match the proposed building. Totally out of place. It is an interesting building. Lots of texture and bla bla bla.. it is definitely an import from scandinavian architecture.

It is a good effort that chilean architects are looking for their own language but for now...This house is like speaking chinese in a south american street. It is totally out of place.

Elena Arcos Pecoraro · October 30, 2009

Brilliant architecture.

lebu · October 30, 2009

com on guys its already really boring.

Patricio · October 30, 2009

Congratulations veronica ... to the end someone dares with not conventional forms, probably the only one commentary exchange of location the Mediterranean bath of the second level .......
I like me your audacity

colint · October 30, 2009

Great stuff.....again from Chile. Is it just me or has there been a little explosion of good architecture coming from Chile?

daniel daiber · October 31, 2009 02:42 AM

is it that? or that this is a Chlean website?¿?¿?

Sam Seaborn · October 30, 2009

Veronica Arcos, you just became my heroine!!!

Lou pan Design · October 30, 2009

unik & Beutiful.....

diego pinochet · October 30, 2009

niiiiiiiiiiice , congratulations to that young and talented architect. go vero!!!!

alejandro · October 30, 2009

Pobres vecinos, First of all I would like to say that I really like the project, with all its complexity as they say lines above. I even think is brilliant. But we live in a mess…
That house with the other neighbor’s houses... makes an ugly cocktail.
We should make an effort as architects to do something about the greater space and not only built our differently flavored villas.
They may say that house interacts really well with Chilean geography, tectonics, seismic nature, blah, blah; they may say that the house responds better to the actual natural context that the other houses, but at the end what is crap is the neighborhood.
Imagine these in 100 years? It won´t be a postcard
What really bothers me is that I bet you that the people there have lots of money, are well educated and perhaps have some culture, so why don´t they spend their money wisely and create civilized human space, with proportion, rhythms, balance, beauty and not this. They may argue that it goes against an individuals will, or private property but believe me the most beautiful gated communities I have visited have a framework that gives a standard were the individual then pursues his own personal objectives. The same is true to beautiful cities such as Haussmann’s Paris or Cerdas Ensanche in Barcelona.

Edu · October 30, 2009

Tv to blame, PanamArc. All families in south-american soap-operas have house-maids... or in US movies and tv series, you always can find a latin house-maid...Not a very fortunate remark but I believe it was without purpose.

Pretty cool house. How much time to build? The metal backbone should have been very fast

hj · October 30, 2009

*starts arranging paperwork to get a visa for Chile*

PanamArq · October 29, 2009

I appreciate the construction photos! Thanks so much!
But Nicolas, why does a maid room make the plan very latin?? Thats like saying a 3-car garage makes any house very North American

M. · October 30, 2009 02:21 PM

And doesn't it?

@fariatomas · October 29, 2009

Gostei muito,parabens!

Nicolas · October 29, 2009

Very interesting shape.. and surprisingly the plan is not a chaos, and very "latin" with the maid room there. I couldnt think of a house like that if i had only seen the plans, which is cool.
very well done!..

que sigan los buenos proyectos en latinoamerica!

jaenal arifin · October 29, 2009

Keren juga..hmm, folded architecture?

Julio Ramirez Bruna · October 29, 2009

I'm really proud of CHilean Architecture.... I think it's like "the bracing house"...." la casa de los arriostramientos"..... hermosa...... outstanding____________seismic architecture, besides the aesthetical and pretty well done shape, the observation of the all complexity is amazing....

Regards Verónica Arcos


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