Interior for Students / Ruetemple

  • 10 Jun 2013
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Courtesy of

Architects: Ruetemple
Location: Moscow,
Design Team: Alexander Kudimov, Daria Butahina
Area: 33 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Courtesy of Ruetemple

Courtesy of Ruetemple

Wishes of the customer: to design a room for two students: a brother and a sister, provide an area for work and recreation area.

Courtesy of Ruetemple

The concept: work area is fixed, recreation area is dynamic, it can be changed due to the cube-transformer. Cube consists of three mobile modules. Depending on the positions of the modules cube transforms the room into a living room, a cozy chill-out room, a parlor, a room within a room or a bedroom with one or two beds – transformations are numerous.

Courtesy of Ruetemple

Between beams there are grid hammocks on which you can lie down and look up at the sky or read a book.


The project is made for << COTTAGE SOLUTION >> (” NTV Broadcasting Company “)

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    Great work, I love the ideas in there, must be amazing to live there. But I would be afraid that the cube modules on wheels would roll over because of small base.

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    So Im simply extreeeemely curious as to where they got the inspiration for the name of this house haha

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    every idea from the stairs up to the roof is stolen from ezzo designs e-spress-oh office design!

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