Grey House / SUB. Studio for visionary design

GreyHouse (2)

Architects: SUB. Studio for visionary design
Location: Jakarta,
Project Directors: Wiyoga Nurdiansyah
Design team: Muhammad Sagitha, Dickie Padmawijaya, Sudibyo
Constructed Area: 70 sqm
Construction year: 2008
Photographs: Muhammad Sagitha

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In our perspective, we see ourselves as a partner for client. And the moderate client for this house allows us to explore all about new material with modest budget of US$15,000. We explore the material to get effective budget and reduce unnecessary thing.

This occurs on a small site of 108 square meters horizontally. Defining space by creating privacy areas which defined by single slope roof direction. This roof form with single direction creating another space as an attic, higher ceiling on one side and exposed as a source of lights while the courtyard positions on the same side which useful for living, dining and master bathroom.

floor plan
floor plan

Horizontal space which divide by partitions to give a different functions of room. Master Bedroom – Living Room – Bedroom with 3 meter-modules to get effective structure. As a space-economizing strategy, we defined a zoning scheme by the circulation hierarchy. As such, the maid and pantry areas are next to the side entrance. This allows for a larger space for the living room and dining areas without interrupted by service zone which stand alone on building set back area built by non permanent material.

GreyHouse (4)

GreyHouse (5)

The house has a flexible space, whilst the living can combine with bedroom to get bigger space in a fingertips. And the movable windows allow the space to extend with the outdoor terrace. The furniture has a folding dining table to get flexibility of space and also a hidden stairs on master bedroom to access the attic.

GreyHouse (6)

Raw materials stand out as honest expression of the house. Grey brick with 200x200mm module replaced the local brick to get more precision results and effective way to get smooth finishes wall surface for interior sides and its reduce costs. Exterior fence become a medium for living walls, vegetation replace a chemical finishes. Recycled wood is use for window frames. Metal roofing was chosen to cut the cost, with single roof direction to avoiding metal joint which is costly.

At last, a boundary transformed a witty, affordable, potential and visionary design.

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    spectacular. sometimes, the most simple, the better.

    functional, spacious, homie, comfortable…

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    mantap yoga,,,,nice and simple ,,
    this is bintaro ? will see it soon ,,,by my bike,,,

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      I didn’t meant “spectacular” as if it was a piece of art, but it gives you much more than what you expect it will at first sight. I love clean and simple projects with hidden but not least important details.

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    Really Cool.
    This is essentially a house with no windows and no yard, yet it feels bright and airy and connected with nature. very clever use of skylights and folding partitions to give spationess to a very tiny house.

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    like the way they use skylight in section

    very clear and simple
    this is real house in the real life
    no waste space ,no waste of money

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    My old boss used to say that you can tell an architect from the smallest house he ever designed, thinking of Corb`s Cabanon. To design a massive house where money is not an issue is not much of a design challenge. But what this guys here with this house did is really impressive!

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    great job, it really serves the purpose in a very sensitive ways in terms of space configuration and materials. very proud of these young fellow Indonesian architects…

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