Espacio C Mixcoac / ROW Studio


Architects: ROW Studio– Álvaro Hernández Félix, Nadia Hernández
Félix, Alfonso Maldonado Ochoa
Location: City,
Client: Coca Cola FEMSA – Brenda Grissel González Aguilar, Gerente de
Capacitación. Ramón Gorbea Chávez, Project leader
Construction: INMOSUR SA de CV – Arq. Álvaro
Hernández Cabada
Graphics: Carlos Ortega Quezadas
Collaborators: Cecilio Hernández, Isaac Cielak, Félix Cañez
Ceramics: Ariel Rojo
Flower design: Flora Inc. – Gloria Maldonado
Clothes: T.E.M.O.R.E.S.
Project Area: 120 sqm
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Juan Marcos Castañeda

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The first training facility called Espacio C (C Space -C for the initials of Coca Cola, Training, Quality, Commitment and Creativity in Spanish-) is located at the Mixcoac Distribution Center on the southwestern area of Mexico City. It includes three separate rooms that can be joined together for common activities, a mediateque, snacks bar, souvenir store, data and electrical connections and storage space. The brief also required to include elements from the different brands of Coca Cola FEMSA and to reinforce the company’s values in the space.

floor plan
floor plan

Espacio C Mixcoac has two small rooms with a capacity for 8 persons each that can be used for teamwork, brainstorming, as reading rooms or for informal meetings and a large main hall that in addition to the activities already mentioned can be used for formal training sessions, lectures and presentations. The three rooms follow a concentric layout around a multifunctional fixed module.


These spaces are surrounded by a wall that acts as a sound and visual barrier that isolates the training facility from the city and the rest of the areas of the plant. The wall was thought as a continuous surface on its outer side that folds to the floor and ceiling. The walls and ceiling have a Coca Cola Red epoxy paint coating and the floor is finished with a high resistance acrylic finish.

The wall has openings that allow natural light and ventilation to the interior of the rooms. These openings are cut with a 3 degree inclination and appear both from the floor and the ceiling even cutting the foldings. A series of lines appear from these openings expanding in white to the outside and converging in different colors to the inside. These lines continue on to opposite walls to emphasize the continuity of the surfaces.


The graphics on the exterior create a composition based on the Coca Cola logo formed by a continuous wave of bubbles, animals and plants.

The interior walls are covered with a special anti graffiti coating that turns the full surface of the wall into a dry erase board and at the same time encapsulates the vinyl graphics protecting them from damage.

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  • blackstone

    Nice plan… hideous result.

  • 晓军

    It’s very cute,like a kindergarten,child sure like was the plan.

  • FRT

    I like the plan, the concept, the spaces and the textures! Playing with so many colours and wallpapers is not an easy task and its very risky. The “cocacola” wallpaper and the plastic-type matirials give a comercial tone to the space, but it also manages to maintain a nice quality and become plesantly “silly” reminding of childrens painting.

  • Myungjin

    little dizzy. but still does not go too much over the limit and is pleasantly fun.

  • alejandro

    ingesting coca cola zero architecture makes me puke

  • eb

    Hmm, could’ve done something interesting with the lighting. The wall and ceiling finish looks cheap and the furniture could’ve been chosen better to make it more interesting, it’s like they went shopping in ikea for the whole thing.

  • tracy

    I agree looks cheap and not much thought went into – they’re trying to be cool and stuff but just doesn’t work

  • oscar falcón lara

    Nice commercial training space. Being Coca Cola is always going to be over the top but that is the purpose of this facility, to indoctrinate employees, so there.

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  • ariana roberts

    please use color wisely,not spontaneously splash it anywhere-i agree it does look a bit cheap

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