Beach house / Inarchitecten


Architects: Inarchitecten / Mark Hekkert and Ruben van den Boogaard
Location: Ijburg,
Collaborators: Jamal Azzouz and Joel Langeveld
Site area: 165 sqm
Project Area: 240 sqm
Project year: 2008
Photographs: Rutger Vos

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is an agency that taken the innermost space as the most important design criterion. From the inner work is, literally and figuratively, architecture that is original and unique. The exterior, certainly not least, here is a logical consequence of.

Draft items we handle are; ambiguity , originality and daring. This must result in an original architectural whole, with the desire of the client and the essence of each task is to top.


In this project, a private house for a family with three children, we tried to show the two different situations at each facade. There is a street site and a water site.

The accommodation on the water, the IJ lake, a house with three layers and a integrated garage to the street side.

section 01
section 01

The front, at the street side, is relatively closed, has small window openings and ‘high’ parapets with strong outside walls.

The wall material at the front facade (north side) is a dark-colored fiber cement board. Behind the Fiber-cement shutters the bedrooms are placed. It is a perfect light resistance (also a good cold resistance) for the bedrooms of children.

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  • hj

    nice little project, like the names at the door on the fibre-cement. but the drawings, why is the woman a silhouette and the guys not, please be consistent, it bothers me.

    • Dan

      I would say the woman is silhouetted because she appears against a densely-lined background. The men, meanwhile, appear against a white or largely-white background. Had there been more figures against busy backgrounds I suppose the consistency of that logic would be more apparent Just my quick analysis…

      I like the project too!

  • Yorik

    Very good, simple but with a certain complexity behind…

  • Tieme

    what’s up with the master bedroom having an open connection with the stair landing on the top floor??

  • Mac

    Eveything looks carefully detailed, except the front door. The facade cladding / panels are cut in half. And Yburg isn’t really a beach is it.

  • helen

    i think the exterior promised a typical northern european winter slumber sort of comfort that the interior didn’t quite deliver..

  • oscar falcón lara

    Quite a project, and pretty house. The exterior cladding might seem unbalanced with the interior but I think it works well, it’s a beach house in the end.

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