In Progress: Zlota 44 / Daniel Libeskind

  • 16 Apr 2013
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© ORCO photo by Krzysztof Wierzbowski

Architects: Daniel Libeskind
Location: , Poland
Architect Of Record: Artchitecture SP ZOO
Area: 804,602 sq ft
Year: 2013
Photographs: ORCO photo by Krzysztof Wierzbowski, Courtesy of

Ground Floor Plan

Project Management: Hill International
Structural Engineering: ARUP (New York/Warsaw)
Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Engineering: ARUP
Contractor: Inso/Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni

© ORCO photo by Krzysztof Wierzbowski

Located in Warsaw, Zlota 44 represents a new direction for high-rise residential living in Poland. Zlota 44 is a soaring 54 floor high rise that includes 251 residential units. In 2008, Zlota 44 was awarded CNBC Europe & Africa Property Awards in 4 categories: Architecture, Redevelopment, High- Rise Architecture and High-Rise Development. The project is currently under construction and scheduled for completion in 2013.

Courtesy of Daniel Libeskind

The design of Zlota 44 is inspired by Warsaw’s history and as a response to its destruction and post- war Russian reconstruction. The tower provides a form in which a new skyline can be read — moving away from the corporate architecture that has kept Warsaw a tabula rasa.


The building, both symbolically and physically, offers a new light to the city with its eastern face sculpted by the path of the sun to provide needed daylight to the surrounding buildings.

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  • LenseMan

    ” …. its eastern face sculpted by the path of the sun to provide needed daylight to the surrounding buildings.” ???? – This is typical Libeskind post facto BS. I sincerely doubt that Libeskind ever gave the slightest thought to any other building. He ego would not allow it.

  • Sergio M

    Pathetic/ It’s basically a corporate tower with a capricious curve stuck on the outside. Libeskind is kidding himself if he thinks he’s got enything to offer the profession.

  • tomasz tomaniak

    najlepiej oddaje klimat warszawki ten nocny render z wypieprzonym 50m banerem reklamujacym parking w centralnym punkcie miasta – taka wielka wies – podobnie jak zlota 44

  • tomasz tomaniak

    catastrophe – poor, bad and silly

  • Piotr

    Why is EVERYTHING Libeskind “designs” so ridiculous? He just piles gimmicks on top of silly forms … and then adds a few slashing diagonal lines. Whatever it is, it’s NOT architecture.

  • Ben Bernake

    The devastation that Libeskind has wrought on Warsaw… this appalling monstrosity is visible throughout the city and the recently-completed cladding is just… crap. As usual with Libeskind’s output, it is shallow, one-dimensional commercial tat. Compare it to other high-rise buildings in central Warsaw and it proves to be an embarrassment for the city.

  • Aamir Waqas Ahmed

    Sir this is concept from the sun light but does not its light in any single side but this builing become in the both side of the sun, Why he choose in the single side…where he built the building…