House No47 / H&P Architects

  • 06 Apr 2013
  • Houses Selected Works
© Nguyen Van Tho

Architects: H&P Architects
Location: Ha Tinh City,
Architect In Charge: Doan Thanh Ha & Tran Ngoc Phuong
Team: Nguyen Lam Tung, Le Huu Sang, Tran Huyen Trang, Nguyen Hai Hue, Nguyen Van Thinh
Contractor: HPA Viet nam jsc
Area: 370 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Nguyen Van Tho

© Nguyen Van Tho

No47 House is located in Ha Tinh city, Middle Vietnam. By utilizing top lights as well as placing small green-courtyards inside the house, the architect wants to bring out elegant and peaceful spaces to the client who can leave all his tiring behind after a long working day to enjoy his own space in a noise and polluted environment of a developing city.

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  • genk

    mình có mấy ý kiến sau:
    - cửa vào sảnh, hèn quá
    - vệ sinh con thiếu sang tự nhiên
    - p.khách quá bí
    - góc học tập không hay

    • bao

      dont talk like a boss!

  • CH_archdaily

    Công trình nhỏ này không tốt!!! Không nên đưa lên Archdaily!!!

  • lan

    Ông có cái nào tốt hơn đưa lên xem cái!!!

  • Hong My

    Would you please use English to comment, please respect worldwide readers.

  • trinh lang tong

    sr. i don’t like it

  • michealchang

    paranoid or neuropathy

  • quachtingfo


  • Kevin Doan

    I have reviewed your website and like your design as you can take off from others to a concept of a house. Great when you can propose those design to client when most of them (including architects in Vietnam are conservative)
    Good job and keep going.

    A Vietnamese architect in Singapore.

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  • tsep

    Even for the context of Vietnam this house is in no way special or even interesting.
    see detail of wall fan!
    more editing arch daily…..please

  • Mầu Hà

    Not nice ! I think in Vietnam have many interesting works :)

  • Ly

    This is a decent work within the context of Vietnamese modern houses. However, please hire professional photographers.

  • dEZ

    furnishing look really cheap.

  • Hong My

    How Vietnamese architecture could be boosted when so many other Vietnamese architects just keep bombarding our colleagues.
    Despite anything, being selected to be posted on Archdaily is a great honor that we should feel happy about.
    And, Archdaily’ staffs might feel hesitate when intending to post a Vietnamese project when they see so many negative comments from Vietnam.

    Please!!!!!!! we are in one country, please do not use unprofessional and unreasonable criticism like ” the furnishing looks cheap” or “we have a lot of other interesting projects in VN” to bombard a building from your home again!

    Such a shame!!! same story with Vo Trong Nghia, and honestly, I don’t know why

  • kk

    Mặt bằng quá tồi!

  • Thachday kts

    Chúc mừng a Phương nha !
    không gian ngon có điều đồ Gỗ hơi đuối .
    Cái Gỗ ốp trần ban công là gỗ xi măng hoặc Nhựa chứ a nhỉ ?