VIDEO: The ABC of Architects

  • 08 Jan 2013
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We’ve just stumbled upon this awesome from Federico Gonzalez of Ombú Architecture which shows, quite simply, the works of 26 architects, from A to Z. A is for Aalto, B is for Barragan, C is for Calatrava… you get the drift! See them all in the video above.

Cite: Quirk, Vanessa. "VIDEO: The ABC of Architects" 08 Jan 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <>
  • Dustin Unrau

    Lucky Quarenghi got on there because he has an odd last name.

  • simon

    Z for Zumthor!

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  • fancar

    i agree with simon!!!! Z = ZUMTHOR!!!

  • Kevin Fu

    Zaha [H]adid, shouldn’t be [Z].

  • anonymous

    “…you get the GIST.” not “drift.”

    • Red

      “Get the drift” is perfectly valid.
      The little flag shown for D (Domenech) is not, however, since the rest of them are country flags and Catalonia, as of yet, is not a country. It should have been the Spanish flag.

      • anonymous

        There are two sayings:
        ‘Catch my drift’ and ‘get the gist’
        Just as catch my gist would be wrong, get the drift is equally wrong…get the gist?

      • Red

        It won’t let me reply to the anonymous answer so I’ll do it here:
        Both ‘catch my drift’ and ‘get my drift’ are valid. Check the Oxford dictionary for reference. ‘Catch my drift’ might be more widely used but ‘get my drift’ is definitely not wrong. Get my drift? Cheers. =)

  • Ashwin

    The letter “Z” stands tall amidst all…..because it belongs 2 [Z]umthor………