D-minution House / SUB. Studio for visionary design


Architect: SUB. Studio for visionary design
Location: Jakarta,
Constructed Area: 98 sqm
Project Directors: Wiyoga Nurdiansyah
Design team: Muhammad Sagitha, Dickie Padmawijaya, Alex Gandung
Text: Tan Szue Hann
Photographs: Dean Martin, Muhtar Holil

d-house-0 d-house-3 d-house-5 d-house-8

This project shows Indonesian house in SUB. Studio vision. it calls “D-minution House”. Intended to reach affordable house.

Defining space by creating areas of grey (concrete) and green, to reflect the built and unbuilt spaces blending together, the house demonstrates a gestalt effect of the architecture being greater than the sum of its humble parts. This occurs on a small site of 93 square metres.

As a space-economising strategy, we defined a zoning scheme where the circulation hierarchies that one would assume get upended. As such, the maid and pantry areas line up near the front entrance. This allows for a larger space for the living room and dining areas, which blend in with the terraces, thereby creating a multifunction area. This is enhanced by a large window opening up to the main green area.

elevation 01

On the second floor, a window is created at a low level, to create views towards the garden on the first floor.

As a means of climatic response, having a big window creates for better air circulation, and allows light into the house. The second floor window has a 30cm gap, thus creating a ventilation gap in between. When it rains, a cool breeze enters the house, without it getting wet.


A raw material without finishes was chosen, to express the architecture as it is – honest. Local brick, local roofing material reminiscent of traditional Indonesian typologies and cement board are used, whilst solid wood is used for doors and window frames. Angled steel is used for the windows for opening and closing, and paint is only applied to the ceiling and nowhere else, so as to create reflection for bounced light.

The reductivist concept applies to the entire functioning of the house and not just the design. With a very modest budget of US$17 500, and a design that capitalises on getting the most out of – and at the same time mediating – the tropical climate, the house becomes an example of sustainable living.

Cite: "D-minution House / SUB. Studio for visionary design" 09 Aug 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=31344>
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  • atmoko

    hehe,yoga akhirnya masuk juga nih,,
    (hehe..wait for another projects),,,go2,,SUB,,

  • reko

    mantap gan…. teruskan SUB hehe… upload yang lainnya juga sukses buat teman2 SUB

  • gigin

    edank edank….. selamat buat SUBstudio. Sukses!

  • ‘mo

    matafff gann..selamat dan sakses buat SUB ah!

  • reini mailisa

    …great…cool design…
    love it!!

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    hahaha pake gan gan gini semua org siga di kaskus….hebat euy agiiiitttt……
    gw kasih cendol deh gaannn!!!! heuwheuwhe

    nice and clean design berikut atap TIDAK DATAR,thumbs up!

  • doyig

    time to move on Indonesians!

  • muhammadsagitha

    Reminiscent of Traditional Indonesian Houses in contemporary way of architecture.With a very modest budget as a good sample of afordable house in Indonesia

  • gigi.googoo

    go go go go go go go SUB!

  • Benjamin

    beautiful brutalism

  • http://marian-stefan.blogspot.com/ Marian

    Just 93 square meters? oau! impressive!

  • syamsalam

    edaaaaaaaaaannnn….. maju terus SUB. cool pisan lah pokona mah

  • m@rchitec

    Que solucion tan adecuada y bien trabajada, me alegra la calidad de los espacios y la pertinencia de las cubiertas en su materialidad y espacialidad

  • sullka

    excelent design for modest modern living, and a tight budget.

  • titisnurabadi

    small and beautiful,in fact it’s a smart design, i’ve been there once…,the space is fluid, create a unique spatial experiences, a good combination of materials and a distinctive mixture of modern and indonesian vernacular architecture. not like any other architects in jakarta who make architecture as a mask, a cosmetic, complicated but empty, spaceless, trapped in their dillutional westernized architecture (they’ve forgotten their identity).

    good work!

  • muhammadsagitha

    to m@rchitec : estamos tratando de mezcla entre exterior e interior para conseguir mayor espacio. Indonesio tranquila mano de obra barata para explorar y crear diseños elaborados. To share how Indonesian Architecture nowdays and to let people know there is a big potential here to explore.

  • Rebekah

    Fabulous! Very impressed!

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    great jobss!!! next forkabi?

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    ayus uy…cociks…cociks…

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    haddoooh, gagal pertamax, Gan.

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    mantap nih urang bandung!!……ditunggu karya2nya

  • Nikola

    love it, love it!
    something I would love to live in,
    or to work in!

  • bill

    absolutely beautiful!

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    Hi guys,

    I think it’s best that you don’t credit the text to me – I simply translated it from Bahasa for you guys!

    It’s actually your write-up :)