Sandy Bay Road House / Fearon Hay Architects


Architect: Fearon Hay Architects
Location: Tutukaka Coast,
Constructed Area: 250 sqm
Project Year: 2007-2008
Photographs: Patrick Reynolds



The topography of the Tututkaka coast is defined by steeply rolling pastoral landscape looking east over the Pacific Ocean to the Poor Knights Archipelago. This holiday residence is set below a high ridge in a cattle farm. The building twists to follow the contour with the living space elevated on a concrete plinth to provide a glazed screen to the sheltered courtyard behind.

Cite: "Sandy Bay Road House / Fearon Hay Architects" 04 Aug 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 17 Sep 2014. <>


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    This is a beautiful project. Although it does admittedly get lots of help from that killer site. Still.. I want this house…

    One stupid little thing.. probably nothing, but that corridor between the entry and kitchen/dining/living looks exceptionally narrow in plan.

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    Terrific little pavilion, spectacular and sensitive siting, and two tin tubes sticking out of the roof. What exactly is up with those? In the first picture, where there aren’t scale defining elements, this ends up looking like the shed for a pool heater. Details count.

    Terry Glenn Phipps

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    It’s beautiful, but I’m not sure if I’m reacting more to the building or the scenery and photography.

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    Spectacular location, and boy does the house take advantage of it. Elegant simplicity and even more so inside.

    I like the two flues sticking into the grey skies… It locates what goes on below.
    Great photographs, the grey skies are very dramatic, and I never thought I would find a grey sky atractive…

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    scenery is fantastic! anyway, the building itself looks like nothing special, just keeping the right scale and colour. for me the living part is not high enough, and i’m starting to be annoyed by the eeames furniture everywhere.

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    Further, the house does look beautiful and appropriate in those weather conditions, but I wonder what it looks like in other conditions. I’d also like some pictures of the rest of the house, there are lots looking OVER the house and THROUGH the glass box of the public spaces, but I find myself wanting to see more of the courtyard, even the bathrooms, bedrooms, that interesting entry way and stair coming down, and the approach to the house.

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    The two chimney flues reflect the local flora, the Flax stems in particular, which breaks the horizontally of the building in a unique and iconic way. I think it’s a very clever design in may ways.
    The ‘Hay’ in Fearon Hay used to come to my cafe that I used to waitter at in Auckland, called Andiamo. I used to give him my undivided attention, he must have thought I was weird, lol, but I really admire their work. I think a lot of NZ architecture is under rated. I suggest you guys look up Andrew Pattersons architecture also

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    there is a problem with the site plan link, it takes me to the site plan of Z-house / Hohyun Park + Hyunjoo Kim

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