VIDEO: Skidome Denmark – The World’s Biggest Skidome

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As we shared with you earlier last month, Danish architectural firm, CEBRA, in partnership with Ski Travel Agency Danski, is working on a new project of epic proportions: the world’s largest Skidome. Skidome Denmark will be shaped rather like a snow-flake, with three 700m, criss-crossing arches (the tallest one reaching 110 m high). While a structure that size is hard to wrap one’s head around, this cool new gives a great idea of the Skidome’s awesome scale.

More info and images of the World’s Largest Skidome, after the break…

Courtesy of CEBRA

According to the Skidome web site, “The construction consists of three [...] slopes, each with their own competence level, challenging both beginners and experts. The dome will also accommodate a hotel, a restaurant with a striking view, an after-skiing bar and shops with every skiing product imaginable, suiting the needs of the passionate skier. In addition, the exterior walls of the dome are constructed to enable outdoor skiing, a lovely city park and an urban playground, facilitating a variety of activities.”

Story via Skidome Denmark 

Courtesy of CEBRA
Courtesy of CEBRA
Courtesy of CEBRA
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  • John

    I can’t believe that people take this project seriously. All this steel for the construction just to make a f… ski slope. There is enough to make a big bridge.
    This project is a waste of time.

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  • Tomek Piatek

    Wow! What a monumental waste of energy and resources. We are at the end of many of our resources with no known alternatives and this is getting funded? This project will no doubt serve as a monument to the greed, egotism and foolishness of the human kind.

    • caleb

      shut up. :)

  • Guest

    What happened to the Danish sense of measure and aesthetics? This looks like something to be built in Dubai :S

  • Anne

    Ski is only a pretext to develop a huge commercial/horeca project. Does this tiny city need such a megalomanic project? Btw, very funny when they say the slopes will fit expert skiers needs.

  • Bruno


  • Nathan

    I agree! This is a ridiculous waste of resources.

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  • Kevin

    The future of skiing, apres global warming.

  • Valentin Vasilyev

    I participated in the creation of a sridome in Russia. . Danish project skidome can become a reality only with the involvement of specialist engineers of the cold, the climate and the production of snow.Question: Should we close walls by the glass package along the length of the slope? The answer is not straightforward.
    Sincerely, Valentin Vasilyev ()