A Life With Large Opening / ON design partners

  • 14 Dec 2012
  • Houses Selected Works
© Ikunori Yamamoto

Architects: ON design partners
Location: Nezu, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo,
Construction: Shinei
Structure: Ryuji Tabata/ASD
Site Area: 30.07 sqm
Total Floor Area: 50.70 sqm
Area: 18.03 sqm
Photographs: Ikunori Yamamoto

© Ikunori Yamamoto

A very small land in a very high density city , Tokyo . Discover new style of usage as a living environment , which compact urban house cannot carry, Inside a small outer space the “opening”.

The “opening” is a place to move from one building to another building, It is a bay window to put a flower pot, And a space where furnitures can crowd out. The “opening” take root in daily life , as the people living in this house update how to use and utilize the most of it.

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  • Tom Peeters

    WOW! Don’t you just LOVE this kind of architecture; This is where we need to go if we want to keep this world livable: functional dwellings on very small patches of land; modern nomade units, brilliant, simply brilliant.

    • Quoc-Long NGUYEN

      I agree with Katsudon. This is great for one’s characteristic but not for spaces. I think they made this to play rather than to live. With this 3m depth, 1m cutting along the house for skylight is unnecessary. This seem too waste and cramped.
      Otherwise, as Andrei mentioned, there are better solutions keeping same qualities of the concept but this one provides interesting and innovative thinking. I love it btw.

  • Katsudon

    I’d like to understand better what makes it worth to loose the usable space for the central void?? If it’s just for the beauty of the light well, I think it’s a luxury for such a small plot. If it’s because the landlord enjoy’s narrower space, then I get it. Besides, does someone know what are the units used in these drawings?

    • Andrei P

      Katsudon, the light well is meant to give light to to all the rooms. Otherwise the central part of the house would have been doomed to darkness. Some people prefer to use artificial light and air conditioning. These people prefer to give up floor size to gain living quality. This kind of house is very good for a working person or a couple. It has all it needs. Of course, I’m sure there are other possibilities to arrange the space, keeping the same qualities. I think the dimensions are in feet. So the total width of the house is a little over 3m.

      • Katsudon

        Andrei, thank you for your answer. I thought regarding the depth of the dwelling that windows would be enought. Still this choice of having a wall dividing this potentially large space bothers me.
        As for the units it sounds obvious now, thank you. I’m not use to it and it usually not written this way.