Two Single-Occupancy Detached Houses / L3P Architekten

  • 08 Nov 2012
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© Vito Stallone

Architects: L3P Architekten
Location: Oberweningen ZH,
Project Manager: Boris Egli dipl. Architekt FH REG A SIA , Martin Reusser dipl. Architekt FH REG A SIA
Engineer: Andre Deubelbeiss, Niederweningen
Physical: Wichser Akustik & Bauphysik AG, Zürich
Lighting Design: Lichtblick, Zürich
Client: Generalunternehmen Arbeitsgemeinschaft L3P Architekten AG + Duttweiler Bau Gmbh
Area: 500 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Vito Stallone

© Vito Stallone

Despite the small size of the parcel of land, two single-occupancy detached houses have been developed in a countryside setting taking a new path in reference to volumetry and spacial definitions. The basic type of detached house has been split, the work being akin to a sculpturer’s work. Polygonal bodies were formed in which the mutual proximity becomes a quality. The mirroring of water and façade in the water basin hints at a clear vision within these rooms, which are among themselves but without direct insight to each other – a special place with strong vibrancy and intimacy.

© Vito Stallone

The position in the parcel of land also moulds the inner area. An elaborately-devised subdivision arranges the rooms in a split-level system and allows the hillside characteristics to also be experienced in the building itself. While the inner walls are masoned and smoothly plastered, the exposed concrete outer walls, the black polished and jointless floor and large window fronts add to a cool technical conclusion. Elaborate skylights allow an atmosphere of light to develop which features a spiritual force and vibrancy.

© Vito Stallone

The materialization of the facade and the roof are conspicuous. Together with the artist Thomas Sonderegger, we experimented with a surface of galvanised steel. We were able to fabricate a sheet with a unique and vital expression which was deployed for a first time on the façade and in the roof area. The design added to a monolithic overall picture in which an association to a sculpturer’s work is given once again.

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  • h.a.

    this looks like apiece of jewellery! fantastic! also the use of a very simple plan by repeating the same shape with different section-elevation is quite intelligent as creates quite a rich spatial experience. congratulations!

  • ahmed

    realy my dream house – this design in my blood