Summer Kitchen / Muru 
+ Pere


Estonian architects Urmas Muru and Peeter Pere designed a shelter for a summer kitchen in .  The outdoor shelter on the traditional Korvamäe farm is covered in punctured sheet metal that provides framed views of the surroundings. ”As Estonian weather is not famous for its warmth and sunshine it has become popular to have summer parties at so-called summer kitchens and shelters,” explained Pere.

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“It is actually a contemporary version of the old farmhouse tradition to cook outdoors in summer,” Pere continued.  A sauna and pond, which developed ten years earlier, lay on the outskirts of the property.  Since the center of the “social life on the farm had gravitated from the hearth to the more recently built sauna and pond…the new outdoor hearth was established there,” explained the architects. The new kitchen aims to be as different as possible from the sauna and preserve “the dynamics and homogeneity of the earth surface by… presenting it [the kitchen] as a geometric object.”


The structure is a timber frame construction and fits the client’s requests of short construction time and lightweight material usage.  The waterproof plywood finishing helps make the frame rigid.  ”The summer kitchen is a simple yet evocative structure, and puts people in a cheerful disposition,” stated the architects.

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+ Pere" 09 Jul 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 16 Sep 2014. <>


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    Doesn’t look like there’s much to plan or section…you can see most of it from the pictures…

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    the “framed views” start to lose significance when there’s about 100 of them…

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    It looks kind of good as exterior image for a kitchen or a a structure in the middle of the landscape, but what can you show us to see how the interior looks like or how it works or also how the functions take place in the interior space. I wonder if its not a little bit dark for a place to work or cook

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    to be honest this is kinda silly. they should’ve in stead showed their other summer kitchen in suurupi, or some private dwellings.

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    Even though this is in Estonia, this would be intriguing for an Australian tropical style. Break the sun, retain the view, keep out the rain, allow the breeze – I love this as an alternative to the Aussie Verandah.

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