Compartment House / Ario Danar


Location: South Jakarta,
Site Area: 180 sqm
Constructed Area: 126 sqm
Project year: 2007
Photographs: Richard Salampessy

back-yard dining-room-view-a dining-room-to-wood-deck master-bedroom

Our compartment house is located in Bintaro Jaya 4th sector, South Jakarta-Indonesia, which has many types of house. The type of house that we bought in the year of 2000 was the smallest type, type 36 (building area of 36 square meters and land area of 90 square meters). This house is a standard type.

Consist of a living room, two (2) bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Existing house roof have pitch roof.


In 2003, we renovated the house to restore the original structure of the building to its previous condition. We added a second story, which consists of a kitchen, a dining room and a bedroom. A unique quality of this house is the old building and the new one separated by a void. This void was made not only to ease the construction but also to become an active open space. The wooden deck and the planter (frangipani tree) give a touch of nature.

In 2007, unpredictably, we acquired the site behind our house. The existing type is maissonet type.


In the middle of 2007 we plan to connect the additional building with previous building, with activated the void function again in this house, and become to ordering sequences.But in this case, the voids become the passive open space with coral rock element and bonsai tree. Then we moved the wooden stairs to access the maiden room. We eliminated the wooden floor upstairs to increase the leveling of the ceiling.

The whole concept of the 2 united buildings, the new with the old, to keep every public area become transparent, causes the small areas to have a spacious impression and openly “visible”.

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    It’s funny how this house does not necessarily resembles Indonesia at all, which is its own cultural context, tropical plants, interior gardens, nor the Indonesian people sitting on sight make this happen. There are some unnecessary elements like the crystal shades on top of the door….. Interesting space achieved and attention to detail though.

  • faizal syamsalam

    Waaah… hebat, masuk archdaily. kren…. lanjutkan2….

  • nonono

    I don’t know what’s the criterias to be posted here.. There are bunch better new architecture in Indonesia that showing thoughtful details than this.

    • ffff

      Yes, I agree… something like a so easy to showing in this website.

  • relan

    hi nonono, and whats its your criteria for better indonesian architecture, may I know?

    • nonono

      relan, I think a good architecture or design in general is all about details. It could be structural, material or conceptual details. It is something that you can admire and stand for because it’s just make sense and wrong if you do the other way. It is not an unnecessary copycat.

  • gigi.googoo

    i try to catch the idea….this house in purely focus in quality sense of space…….and its work for standard type house…

  • la scelto uno

    It is very annoying to see the post like this. Nothing special in this house, no design, it’s very common architecture…..

    • edualc

      common architecture? can you please define? architecure should be about people…their habitat…
      have a llok around you…can you describe your house?

  • sd

    Is it just me or what? That woman and girl seem too small compare with two huge chairs? Or the people were just cut and paste in the photo without thinking the scale? Some people with good eyes please let me know:-)

  • David Basulto [tricky]

    Dear readers,

    I understand some of your points regarding the aesthetics aspects. But we didn´t choose this house because of that, we choose it because of how it expanded over the years. A lot of architects will only face commissions like this during their professional life, and I think that our role is not only to praise the “beautiful, cool” works… if it was like that, we would be like any regular arch magazine focused on the looks, but not on what is important on the projects and the profession.

  • Izzz

    Well… I think it’s simple and modern-cosy. Plenty of great nooks to design because of combining two apartments.
    The weakest point is that, as somebody already mentioned, it doesn’t resemble an indonesian house. I feel the lack of cultural elements that could create the spirit of this place and connect the new ideas with the old matter.

  • rabi

    i agree with david. architecture isn’t all about look.first of all we have to use it and most importantly how it reacts with the need of the user. from user point of view this project is good and the way its extended with the need of the user; its just superb.

    • Sabir

      Absolutely agree with Rabi. Looks good to me.

  • ‘mo

    agree with david, congrats buwat Ario! well done!

  • Terry Glenn Phipps

    Some time back there was a post here on the “remodeling” of a building in Westwood California that smacked of Bush-Administration values. That is to say that the work lacked all proportion, appropriateness, or vernacular.

    It seems obvious to me that architecture deals with the built environment. Just about any urban architecture in 2009 is likely to involve spaces that already exist. At best, “new” architecture ought to consider adjacency and not ignore it.

    Finally, with all of the blather that goes around about sustainable this and that; I wonder how much of that comes from the same people who like to ignore evolutionary architecture like this in favor of celebrating the latest fallen soufflé to come out of some pixel-pusher’s studio?

    This project makes sense and is perfectly well explained. We bought the house, remodeled it, and expanded when the neighbors sold out. The whole is cohesive, logical, and workmanlike. What makes this good is that the expansion is well done and neither a pastiche nor a tear down.

    Terry Glenn Phipps

  • abadi

    yeaaah…akhirnya karya arsitek indonesia bisa termuat di situs archdaily….

  • budi

    kerennn… saya jadikan inspirasi ya..



    • the real tommy

      for fake tommy
      please ya, laen kali klo kritik yang gentle, pake nama bisa tuntut sodara..



  • Dita

    Yes, I do agree that the house doesn’t look anything that resemble any Indonesia aesthetic, except for the tropical plants and so on. The only problem is, Indonesian architecture doesn’t get a lot of exposure by any architecture or interior magazines or websites, except for maybe hotel designs. Therefore, when there is an article on a house in Indonesia, people do expect that it has its cultural context; eg, wood carving, traditional Indonesian furniture, etc; or maybe something they’ve seen a lot from hotel designs. So people do get disappointed when they see a modern house in this article.

    There are a lot of modern styled house in Indonesia, and my house is one of them. We didn’t fill the house with Indonesian antiques; just like this house, we have the patio area in the middle and we have lots of tropical plants and trees. And I don’t think there’s something wrong with it.

    Maybe some think this house is too ‘ordinary’ compares to other modern houses that were featured on archdaily. But maybe this is a beginning for Indonesian architecture, to be noticed and appreciated, and that we do have a lot of talented architects and designers.

    I also want to add that I think for me a house has to be livable and functions to its needs, especially if you have a young family (which I assume from the picture), and the aesthetic could come a little later on the design process. I’d wished there’s more explanation on what drives the design process.

  • anglingarsitek

    congrat broo. chaiyoooo

  • Gatz

    It looks like my uncle´s house..

  • anavic

    does anybody realize this is not an interior space? it’s pretty, but quite uncomfortable if it rains, for example.

    Sometimes architects forget about the fact that it’s more important to be functional than to look cool. I’m trying to imagine myself in the middle of the night lying on my bed and about to go to the toilet when it’s raining cats and dogs! Quite annoying, isn’t it?

    Please, don’t forget about common sense, it’s the best tool we all are supposed to have!!

  • knageshrao

    my site area is 35feet north facing road &57feet eastside i want plan for my house