2Inns / Sebastian Mariscal Studio

Architect: Sebastian Mariscal Studio
Location: La Jolla, California, Mexico
Designer & Builder:
Design Team: Dominique Houriet & Sebastian Mariscal
Structural Engineering: Omar Mobayed
Area: 412.5 sqm each one
Project year: 2006
Photographs: Hisao Suzuki

Capturing the beautiful weather of Southern California and the unobstructed ocean views of La Jolla, 2inns explore the spatial qualities of a continuous interior-exterior space in the private realms of two identical adjacent houses.

Though the private and public domain is clearly defined, the distinct presence of the two volumes is meant to encourage a sentient response to the natural and built environment of the neighborhood.

situation plan

Stepped back from the street, the houses carve into the existing topography. The exposed C.I.P. concrete sub-level forms the Base that extends from the front lawn to the hil l in the back, opening a dramatic ‘light well’ in the work/play area. Elevated from the street, the Main level is enclosed by twenty-f ive ful l height glass panels, which slide away on an automated track, creating a continuous open plane that connects the back garden to the ocean views. This feature transforms the kitchen, living and dining areas into a complete exterior space whi le maintaining privacy from the street. A suspended IPE clad top level performs as the Canopy. This ‘jewel box’ houses the sleeping quarters and frames the water views whi le providing shade to the space below.

The strong relationship to the terrain and the views from the site allows 2inns to remain anchored whi le projecting outward. Formally, the spatial arrangement is defined by the material ity of each volume and the use of negative space. The public realm transforms into a void that slices the buildings horizontal ly, further accentuating the concrete and wood-clad masses of the remaining spaces.

Cite: "2Inns / Sebastian Mariscal Studio" 07 Jul 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=27916>
  • Simon

    Nice work, when I first saw this I thought it might be anywhere else than San Diego where all the houses look the same, You guys seem to be diferent from everybody. I Also took a look at your web page, exelent materials exploration, spaciality and Architecture style takin in consideration the context where you work (SOCA)!

    • Archlad

      Agree with you Simon, nice work indeed!!

  • Scarpasez

    Lovely project: great materials, elegant plans, clear and thoughtful sections sections, direct and effective concept…but oh, to have year-round warm, dry, bugless air everywhere! I am a bit curious about how the code officer interpreted those front steps without a handrail…

  • holz

    you can buy it for a cool $3.6 million

  • JuanLuisBurke

    I just dont see this as being very exciting, sorry. There are a gazillion houses looking like this from Santiago all the way to Ljubljana.

    And by the way, since when is La Jolla, California located in Mexico?

  • magic

    its a spectacular project in one of the most conservative areas in California, Sebastian & Dominique should be applauded for building this extraordinary piece of architecture.

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