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Kübler House / 57STUDIO

  • 01:00 - 18 July, 2009
Kübler House / 57STUDIO
Kübler House / 57STUDIO, Courtesy of 57STUDIO
Courtesy of 57STUDIO

Courtesy of 57STUDIO Courtesy of 57STUDIO Courtesy of 57STUDIO Courtesy of 57STUDIO +13

  • Architects

  • Location

    Colina, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
  • Architects

    Maurizio Angelini / Benjamín Oportot
  • Collaborators

    Felipe Zamora / Carla Uribe
  • Structural Engineer

    Claudio Hinojosa
  • Contractor

  • Materials

    Concrete / Steel / Stone
  • Project Year


From the architect. The assignment is a single unit house in a residential park in northern Santiago.

The sites - about 5000 sqm each and mostly surrounded by golf fields and green areas - have the constant presence of the Andes, high temperatures during the summer time and winds from the south. The project seeks to incorporate the landscape in the household daily life, following the client's request who wanted to spend a long time throughout the year in the exterior spaces.

Courtesy of 57STUDIO
Courtesy of 57STUDIO

The site has a park on the north side, a street on the west side and another one southwards, where the main access is located. The house is placed towards the corner of the two streets with the intention of freeing the garden, creating continuity with the park and clearing the views towards the east mountain range.

floor plan
floor plan

All the interior spaces are organized around an 8 x 8 m central patio that takes in part of the terrain, incorporating it inside the house. Delimited by the ceiling slab, this patio opens its north face to project the view towards the garden. A water mirror runs across a third of its surface reinforcing this perspective through a porch. The public areas constantly participate of the patio, from the main access to the family room, articulating the service areas towards the west. On the east side, a double-height wall lightly closes the private area without losing its participation of the patio and accompanies the ascension to the master bedroom. From there, it is possible to go out into a vast porch that dominates the landscape, where the barbecue area and the swimming pool are placed at a certain distance using the site in all of its extension.

Courtesy of 57STUDIO
Courtesy of 57STUDIO

Some peripheral walls are prolonged to direct the views and close the house against the winds and nearby streets. In addition, the slabs extend as eaves to protect tall windows from the sun and to cover the terraces. These architectonic elements radicalize the opening of the interior spaces, deepening their presence from the outside.

floor plan
floor plan
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Milana Uugii · February 23, 2012
Marta Krivosikova · February 03, 2011

Kübler House / 57 STUDIO #architecture @archdaily

Uros Smolnikar · January 06, 2011

Kübler House / 57 STUDIO | ArchDaily via @archdaily

rainsea · August 18, 2010

Kübler House / 57 STUDIO | ArchDaily: (via @rehagercek)

REHA GERÇEK · July 26, 2010

Kübler House / 57 STUDIO | ArchDaily:

Andrew Geber · October 04, 2009

well it does look like a neatly put together studio

cad · July 20, 2009

The photographer got there late and spent all night taking picture. The mosquitoes were not helping him achieve the shots he wanted so the hell with it.

richie · July 20, 2009

I really don't like labels on the first floor, they are like obstacules and make everything unconfortable and also unsecure.those galactic labels in those 80's houses are the most horrible mistakes in the hole history af architecture.please avoid them.nothing better than a clear flat the best way of displacement for human beings.

Emilio · July 20, 2009

I like the idea of this building although is true that without labells is very difficult to understand it. The research about how a cloister could turn into an open system, is the best approach of this house.

Travis · July 20, 2009

I think that in the future, no floorplan should be without labelling — how am I supposed to evaluate the organization of spaces without knowing the functions of each space (in its most simplistic form: the label)? We can disagree with the era of the decor (90s or whatever) and the time at which the photograph was taken, but if the discussion is meant to be critical of the architecture itself, then I think we need at least need to understand the plan.

richie · July 19, 2009

i really like this house.i will love to live in a house like this.
loving big windows and hating litle spots that feel sophocant spaces, this house is very nice at this point.
loving independence structure, this house have it.
i really like some details like the stair, seem a long time havn't seen something that light.Most of the stairs that are independence from the walls are grose and also horrible, in this case is fine and nice.
Seem a lot to Master R.Neutra (Kauffman's house)wich is other plus.Some houses seem badly like ,i don,t want to mention this adjetive.
It's a very nice house whit fine finishing.
The only litle thing that i don't like, is the handraila and veranda of this exterior upstair, but it doesn't affect the total nice dwell.

BAJ · July 19, 2009

I don't understand the above comments except to say that we architectural voyers always want more; in this case more interior shots, more daytime photos, more details. It may be that this client spent his all on the beautiful architecture (which shows so well in these evening and night-time photos) and did not have enough left for interior furnishings after including the built-ins, etc. and someone decided the balance of available interior shots didn't do the exquisite building justice, or maybe the occupants simply wished to retain a minimum of privacy.

I think this design is quite significant. The inclusion of so much exterior space makes the home feel so much larger than the enclosed volume. It also is rather well-proportioned for a four bedroom plus maid's quarters home (i.e. not too awfully large). Excellent; but we always want more! Thanks for sharing.

INawe · July 18, 2009

What is with these weird morning photos of the house? Can we get some real daytime photos please? The only good shot is the first picture like Spelli says.

Photographer fail.

zaikoski · July 19, 2009 04:07 AM

lighten up. The light works well in some of them to interior to the outside instead of the usual inside out. Yes, some of the shadows are blocked up and a mix of daylight shots would be nice but sheesh....

Spelli · July 18, 2009

I was impressed by the first picture but the rest kind of went downhill from there. parts of the house look worn and kind of 90'sh

16:08:78 · July 18, 2009

Well mastered space achieve... The entrance is the worst part of all, but it is a well design house.


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Courtesy of 57STUDIO

Kübler 住宅/ 57STUDIO