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The House / Buensalido Architects

  • 01:00 - 11 September, 2012
The House / Buensalido Architects
The House / Buensalido Architects, © Mitch Mauricio
© Mitch Mauricio

© Mitch Mauricio © Mitch Mauricio © Mitch Mauricio © Mitch Mauricio +41

From the architect. Designed for a newly married couple, this townhouse is a tribute to the Filipino spirit. Buensalido Architects, a Manila-based archietctural design firm that pushes for contemporizing Filipino architecture, found the aesthetic expression of this design intent through triangles, an abstracted representation of banderitas (or flaglets) that one would commonly see in local fiestas and festivals. As a country, the Philippines has one almost every day.

© Mitch Mauricio
© Mitch Mauricio

It is a manifestation of the Filipino’s optimism and positive outlook in their lives, always knowing how to smile no matter how bad their situation is. This was captured with the different bursts of colors within the house, achieving a sense of vibrancy, festivity, and positivity.

© Mitch Mauricio
© Mitch Mauricio

These conceptual ideas were physically implemented in a contemporary and innovative way: the banderitas and triangles on the interior surfaces were achieved with a CNC milling machine, therefore attaining precision in its production and avoiding human error. Light fixtures were located above the cutouts, creating an ever-changing pattern of shadows, depending on how many lights are turned on. A certain kind of material honesty was aimed for, so for the concrete flooring for example, was kept as is, applying a special kind of lithium-based sealant to achieve a smooth, terrazzo-like effect.

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p.a. · December 21, 2013

I kinda like the design, it's different from what I've seen here in the Philippines. It's saying something, but I feel like it's also holding back. Like, "hey I wanna be different, but not so much!" Still a good move tho, something different.

Although, I think it is pushing its luck when it said: "it's a tribute to the Filipino spirit/ triangles are about the banderitas/ showing optimism and vibrant colours". Triangle's universal. The house just has white and maroon colours (how are they vibrant? The furnitures are vibrant tho). And how did the Filipino spirit come into picture? I guess the narrative just wanna sell by using the "Filipino spirit" (something I hear all the time from big media personalities and politicians).

aa · April 07, 2013

triangle form is pretty universal, it could be anything. cant say by having something the culture that look triangular, they can use it to make the building very indigenous

Scribble Now Think Later · February 01, 2013

The Architect happily scribbles whatever he fancies, then thought of an image to support his work. That's so...noob.

i said · October 14, 2012

from what i know its unethical for an architectural company to advertise specially if the company is the one who initiates it. although, if you have an ad agency it could be good way to disguise yourself from advertising directly, I admire the company for planning that carefully. You know what they say, the media or ad agency dictates or conditions the mind of the public.

arquitecto · October 13, 2012

I research about this company, and I found out that they also own a pr or ad agency which is closely related to the media and known personalities. They're responsible for making the company popular including the architect. They theme the company and it's architect with actors, actresses including written articles and bloggers. How pathetic! It shows right here, see, they're the ones who send and publishing their projects. Being an architect you have to be popular on how you design and referred by your clients and not with the help of advertising or misleading people.

CW · September 13, 2012

nice project, but astroturf? uggh, what a taint! ps, less is more (as in lose redundant photos) · September 11, 2012

So cool


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© Mitch Mauricio

The House / Buensalido Architects