NaCl House / David Jameson Architect

© Paul Warchol

Architects: David Jameson Architect Inc. – Ron Southwick
Location: Bethesda, , USA
Area: 450 sqm
Site Area: 0.52 acres
Completion: November, 2011
Photographs: Paul Warchol

© Paul Warchol

Breaking the prescriptive mold of horizontally layered homes, NaCl House aspires to render unclear the spatial organization of the project and explore an architecture of ambiguous scale.  The resultant massing reveals an imperfect, rough-hewn form recalling the natural isometric formation of mineral rock salt.

© Paul Warchol

The exterior composition is read as a single object that reflects a dynamic fluid interior. Uncorrelated to the buildings structure, glazing panels are detailed flush to the exterior surface, eliminating shadows which further inhibit a reading of the buildings scale.

Cite: "NaCl House / David Jameson Architect" 24 Apr 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <>
  • d

    Ugh, who writes this dross? Trying to sound smart are we? Rough hewn? Are you kidding? No sense of scale? There’s a door isn’t there?

  • a

    ‘breaking the prescriptive mold of horizontally layered homes’ – by dressing a fairly conventional two storey house in a funny facade?

  • Ed

    This is so disappointing, since I admire this architect’s work-usually. I dont buy the reference to mineral rock salt-even if it was perceviable, so what?
    It seems a design without a soul, without a real concept to cling to-just a lot of virtuosity and ambiguous volumes and expensive glazing. Its a real mish mash. Really surprised Jameson did a house like this one-could have been done by anyone; a schlock developer armed with that latest slick architecture magazine imagery and a large budget. This seems a good example of cardboard architecture (it even looks better in model form) in its lack of context, materiality, scale, region/climate, and on and on.
    Very surprising.

  • jan adegeest

    Not all architects should write , that’s clear but I wish all “conventional” architecture could look only a little bit more like this. I very much like it, it’s clean playful, dynamic and I really can appreciate some surprise in design.

  • Ed

    With all due respect, “clean playful, dynamic”? seriously? This sounds like the corny captions editors write about the latest spring min skirt. Surely architecture can be talked about-especially in a forum like this-in more insightful, and critical terms than that?

    • Charlie

      Clean, playful, and dynamic are three very valid ways of describing this building, whether or not they are the most intellectual adjectives.

      Also remember that there’s a client somewhere, and he surely threw a lot of money at this architect to design a clean, playful, and dynamic home.

      Would you send his money back?

  • Ed

    Valid maybe, just as is would be “cute”, white”, “boxy” etc. but just as vapid and meaningless. I would hope this website would inspire viewers (and comments) that probed a bit deeper than the laymen-and how much money a client spent has nothing to do with critical interpretations of a work of architecture.

  • Dalinh Nguyen

    nothing else master!

  • San

    Is there a 3D model available of this house (as seen in pics)? If so where can I download it? I would like to re-visualize it :) Thanks :)

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