Utsav House / Studio Mumbai

Courtesy of

Architects: Studio Mumbai
Location: Satirje, Maharashtra,
Principal Architect: Bijoy Jain
Project Team: Roy Katz, Jeevaram Suthar, Pandurang Malekar, Mangesh Mhatre
Structural Engineer: Dwijen Bhatt
Photographs: Courtesy of Studio Mumbai


Courtesy of Studio Mumbai

On a barren plateau, a house is set low into the ground, protected by four black basalt walls that enclose a shaded courtyard, within which pools, pavilions and garden provide shelter for living. Utsav house is a single family home in Satirje, Alibag a short boat ride from Mumbai.

Courtesy of Studio Mumbai

The spaces are arranged along the periphery walls that define and support the structures of the house. Different heights are created to suit the functions and dimensions of the interiors. Concrete slabs, basalt stone walls and wood for framing are used to construct the buildings, while walls and floor are stained in pigmented cement plaster to mimic the dry grasses of the summer, setting the buildings into the landscape.

elevation 01

The living spaces open to the southwesterly breeze, and are protected from the sun and rain by a large roof. At the centre of the courtyard, a long narrow pool similar to the local irrigation tanks, serves to catch rainwater that overflows into the garden. The different levels within the house offer unobstructed views of the horizon and encircling hills, while inward views provide intimacy and refuge.

Cite: "Utsav House / Studio Mumbai" 23 Apr 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=225048>
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  • http://uqon1.tumblr.com uqon

    I think this is one of the most beautiful thing I had ever seen lately

  • Richard

    I agree with uqon. This is beautiful.
    It’s hard to put into words.
    There is a perfect balance of materials, all of which are very prestigious making it easy on the eyes.
    A good use of space, however with a design like this it’s something you actually have to step inside to fully experience it.
    Pictures are simply not enough.

    Amazing house!

  • http://www.pasinga.com Antje Pasinga

    I think so too – it is just everything in balance – stunning

    • Richard

      Architecture like this appear once in a blue moon on Archdaily.
      It seems a lot of what they upload nowadays is artistic renders and unrealistic design proposals which will probably never happen.
      Not to say that the concept art on this site are all bad, but it’s slowly becoming Artdaily and no longer Archdaily.

  • Tom Peeters

    yeah these guys definately have become one of my favorites!

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  • Anton Zoetmulder

    The part where the walls hit the ground.. stunning!

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