Architects: ReBITATsukasa Ono (ReBITA), Kento Horiuchi (Zycc), Kenji Hashimoto (Zycc)
Location: Shibuya, , Japan
Planning & Constructor: Zycc corporation, Satohide corporation
Built Area: 3,155.46 sqm
Completion: January 2012
Photographs: ReBITA



Inhabitants write in the map to share useful information around the building. This ‘Share map’ consists of laminated printsheet pasted on steel plate. The horizontal ladder is attached along the beam. This can be used for not only exercise but also display in an exhibition scene.


Pale green wall over the dining table is a big chalk board. Balloon and arrow shaped boxes are chalk containers sticking on the board with magnet. They emphasize message and illustration written on the board.

The symbol of the room plan is painted on the board. Inhabitant’s photographs will be pasted in their cells. It’s the simplest system to know each other. White wall can be recognized as a great canvas by an artist. On the 6Th floor hall is opened to one of them. He drew segments of ‘Share Life’ on the wall directly.


Although there is only wash basin in the private room, inhabitants can use rich share facilities. All-stainless kitchen, immaculate laundry and shower room… each of them are difficult to possess for a single life. At ‘THE SHARE library’, the books are allowed to read by only inhabitants. Selected Books has been ready in advance. But the shelf can afford to place more ‘share books’ dedicated by them.


The sound proofed theater room can be used by all inhabitants and office worker in this building. This room is used for watching movie, exercising and playing an instrument. In the business scene, here will be an impressive presentation space. Among the congested city, this roof top had the miraculous view. So we put the wood deck and greened in order to turn into as a community garden. Inhabitants can have a rest or a party in good season.


The smoking terrace is located a smaller part of the roof top. This environment provides the richest relaxation for smokers.

This ex-dormitory 6-storey-building, which is built 48 years ago in Harajuku Tokyo, is now converted into SHARE style complex. Harajuku is known for being at the forefront of Japanese fashion and cultural trends.

A ground floor is occupied by commercial shops; cafe and diner, apparel, event hall, and radio station. Second floor is used for small office rooms and a share office space. The rest of floors are share-style-apartment that there is only wash-basin in each individual rooms, the inhabitants can use immaculate common utility and rich lounge space, instead.

Over 300 sq meters common space located at top floor is opened all inhabitants and office users. There are lobby, dining, kitchen, theatre room, private library lounge. The greened up roof top named community garden and smoking terrace is great retreat place from usual life.


It is easy to imagine because here is Harajuku, many genres of talented persons are gathered to live in THE SHARE and forms good community. They share not only spaces but also valuable information and time.

THE SHARE’s design is intended to urge communication. Using rough, old concrete material as a key tone of interior design, we coordinate with wood, grayish tone color, black skined iron and vintage furniture. The space consisted by these materials becomes cozy atmosphere that let them cue conversation spontaneously.

Therefore new ideas will be incubated in here. We are expecting THE SHARE to be a forefront of trend and culture from Harajuku.

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