Shipping Container House / Studio H:T

© Braden Gunem

Architects: Studio H:T
Location: , Colorado, USA
Project Completion: May 2010
Building Area: 1,517 sqft
Photographs: Braden Gunem


© Braden Gunem

This project questions the need for excessive space and challenges occupants to be efficient. Two shipping containers saddlebag a taller common space that connects local rock outcroppings to the expansive mountain ridge views. The containers house sleeping and work functions while the center space provides entry, dining, living and a loft above. The loft deck invites easy camping as the platform bed rolls between interior and exterior. The project is planned to be off-the-grid using solar orientation, passive cooling, green roofs, pellet stove heating and photovoltaics to create electricity.

© Braden Gunem
Cite: "Shipping Container House / Studio H:T" 03 Apr 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 19 Sep 2014. <>


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    i can’t believe that finally HDR photography made it to architecture photography…. it looks way too overdone and unreal.

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    Actually one of the better looking container projects, imho. I love the cladding, and the raw interior aesthetic works, but obviously not for everyone. It’s interesting to note that less than half of the structure is made with containers, and I hope the off-grid intentions prove successful.

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