CS House / Pitagoras Arquitectos

Portuguese practice Pitagoras Arquitectos sent us this great white concrete house, with some nice patios all over it.

You can see some drawings, more photographs and the architect’s description after the break.

The built body results from a manifested desired integration with the uneven topography that characterizes the land it occupies. Thus, the house is addorsed to the land, with the objective of defeating its accentuated slope.

This three-storey building embodies distinct programmatic subject matter, which is organized vertically. On 2nd floor, situated at street level, we find the entrance and the garage. Descending, we pass 1st floor where the private spaces are located, reaching ground floor where we find the homes social spaces and its direct contact with the land.

Although we are dealing with a building of 3 floors, one of the architectural projects objectives is to establish connections between the building and its surroundings, between its interior and exterior spaces. All floors are contemplated with covered or uncovered verandas and patios that are closed off or open to the landscape, creating variable possibilities of inhabiting spaces, taking advantage of the light and scenery that change with the different seasons.

Thus, the dense white volume acquires, with its large openings and differentiating materials, contrasting hollows.

Cite: "CS House / Pitagoras Arquitectos" 17 May 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=21179>
  • roadkill

    very interesting use of courtyards for such a large volume and great built detail, very clean and satisfying spaces.

  • GM Smith, Jr.

    Impressive, but no photos of the approach/entry?

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  • Lucky Barthur

    Very Beautiful…
    I would love to live there…

  • Indra

    Beautifull but I would like to see the structural detail design specially in the long cantilever..

  • ashok

    Beautiful house…but cant agree with the balls in the court..

  • Terry Glenn Phipps

    While the basic volumetric proposition doesn’t seem all that convincing, this project gets a great deal more interesting taken space by space. Certainly the courtyards are convincing and the downstairs dining terrace is terrific. Likewise, shot 6 shows an extremely persuasive composition. Finally, the detailing is very good, some of it derived from Siza’s marble cladding but used in an extremely clean and positive effect here.

    Terry Glenn Phipps

  • francis

    The text is as uneasy as the architecture itself. One minute it expresses the “desired integration with the uneven topography” then “the house is addorsed to the land, with the objective of defeating its accentuated slope”?
    The building overpowers the site and then it becomes overweight – not good. You need to then descent 3 floors, by working the number-11 (legs in old money) or via Mister Otis to connect with the ground – quirky. The layouts’ hierarchy, scaled and proportion have contributed to this building looking wrong and the resulting architecture. The main shot of the building says it all really, unless you have been seduced by the utlra-wide shot from the pool. The cumulative photos may get plenty of attention at the estate agent’s window but its likely to be early showers in a serious architectural arena. Though the crisp workmanship is definitely something to go oooo-er-yes-please at.

  • Eric

    It would be worth comparing this project to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Tugendhat House. I find a great many similarities between the two but the sheer subtle simplicity of Mies’ design wins out. Less is indeed more.

  • huisno1

    Very beautiful house but with those flat surfaces where will the water flows when it rains?

  • huisno1

    I agree with Eric, Less is more.However,long time working in such this style can uninsprite our mind,right?

  • tcjtym_521

    My English is pool!
    but ,I like this building !