Luminous House / Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

Courtesy of

Architect: Shinichi Ogawa & Associates
Location: Kagawa,
Structural System: Steel frame
Site Area: 484.95 sqm
Building Area: 143.91 sqm
Total Floor Space: 143.91 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Courtesy of Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

Courtesy of Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

The white house of one-story is located in a rural landscape. Its spatial composition is really simple, being closed toward the outside by 3 vertical surfaces and a horizontal plane, has a semitransparent wall and a tunnel as the entrance in the principal façade.

Courtesy of Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

Thanks to this glass wall, sunshine reaches into the rooms during the daytime, and the house changes to a luminous box in the darkness.


The interior is composed of the 2 type spaces. In the North side we arrange some small rooms such as walk-in-closet or utility room in a line. These closed rooms have ventilation openings.

floor plan

In the South side, we connect lineally the main rooms with a wide courtyard. The unification of white color unifies the inside and out and makes the boundary indefinable. Particularly the LDK has good continuity with this white courtyard thanks to fully opening windows and using the same floor of porcelain tile. The white floor increase the sunlight taken in still more.

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  • J

    isn’t that sur-minimalism

  • J

    house for a ghost

  • Timo

    Beautiful on paper. Beautiful in pictures. Horrible to live in. “J” said it perfectly, “house for a ghost”.

  • Doug C.

    I’m very disappointed that they have a color TV. Why ruin the theme? Keep that monochrome going.
    A very well realized project that looks impeccable in execution. I would live there in a second.

    • J

      Execution seems perfect. Great attention to details. Perfectly architectural. Look like a house for the architect itself.