House of Depth / FORM | Kouichi Kimura

© Takumi Ota

Architects: FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects
Location: Shiga,
Client: Private
Construction Year: 2007
Site Area: 237,28 sqm
Constructed Area: 189,82 sqm
Photographs: The copyright of all images belongs to Takumi Ota

This house is built on the lot 10 meters wide and 23 meters deep. Despite its urban, closed appearance, the house has between the exterior and the interior a long approach that can be regarded as the intermediate zone relating to the surrounding environment.

© Takumi Ota

Several areas where the line of sight is uninterrupted are provided inside the building, aiming to enhance visual depth.

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    Nice.. has a very clean-cut, minimalist feel to it that works. It seems a relaxing, dimly lit house.

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    In looking at this work (and other work from this studio) there are clear notes that recall Carlo Scarpa to my eye, particularly in the extremely fine juxtaposition of plane and color to delineate spatial composition.

    The fact that this is project is so solidly anchored and yet delicate and light I find really inspring. It is in this tension of delicacy and strength that the whole composition takes off.

    It doesn’t hurt that there is disciplined architectural photography of this caliber. I have rarely seen the equivalent of Mr. Oka’s work amongst modern architectural photographers. There are strong overtones of the purity and force of Marvin Rand’s very best work in what I see in these photographs.

    The ubiquity of image in our culture robs us the ability to differentiate good images from mediocre ones. This is particularly obvious in shelter publications that really no longer even make much of an effort to acquire quality photography. However, what no one can take away is the difference between art and snapping a picture. The difference is so obvious it is like being hit with a hammer.

    Compliments on a great house and on a terrific artistic collaboration in its presentation.

    Terry Glenn Phipps

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    Fino, you just nailed it. No need for word fodder…sleek and sensible indeed.

    And, yes, Odris, please come back!

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    odris, i know we´ve been such a stupid boys with you, if i heart your feelings in any way, belive me, i’m honestly sorry,

    PS: please come back!

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