Blair Barn House / Alchemy Architects

Courtesy of Alchemy Architects

Architects: Alchemy Architects
Location: Blair, ,
Size: 1,850 sqf
Budget: $360,000
Photographs: Courtesy of Alchemy Architects

Courtesy of Alchemy Architects

Alchemists live in the Midwest and we love barns. Our clients love barns. Everyone loves barns. Imagine a house that takes all the great things about barns, and leaves the rest for the cows? Alchemy designed a house that takes all its clues from the 19th century, but updates them for the 21st Century. This project features typical barn siding with light filtering through a few large openings, a sleeping loft and bedrooms in the cellar. There is also a “barn space”, an open 2-story room with two volumes inserted within. One in steel, the other in ash strips, they provide under-and over spaces like a hayloft.

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  • Adam Waltering

    Too many different materials that don’t seem to work together. I like some of the spaces but it’s too hard to look past the finishes and materials. I do like the kitchen ceiling.

  • Katherine Anne Halloway

    I think the concept is really great, especially for the house’s context. The wood in the kitchen works well in my opinion and presents more of the “barn-like” atmosphere for the interior. The light colored tile floor are cold and stale and take away from the barn inspired theme. I appreciate the relation of materials more in the library room with wood floors and wood paneling on the walls. It provides more of a warm atmosphere and is more what I would imagine a reinterpreted barn experience to be.

    I find the use of various materials in this project appropriate as they represent the eclectic theme so often found in barns. I think the combination and selection of materials could be improved. The interior itself seems to be a bit disjointed as well as the interior with the exterior. I love the porch area and find the project to be very interesting overall.

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