23 Alnwick Road / Park+Associates

© Edward Hendricks

Architects: Park+Associates Pte Ltd
Location: Alnwick Road,
Completion Year: 2011
Area: 4,628 sq ft
Photographs: Edward Hendricks

© Edward Hendricks

23 Alnwick Road is considered by Park + Associates Pte Ltd as a rare few project where the ‘the client’s character comes through in the form of a house’. The functions are encapsulated in boxes and arranged/stacked to create a larger mass. Black and white is the predominant colour theme that runs evident throughout the house, with materials such as black-powder-coated aluminum and black mild-steel casting strong formal outlines along the plane of the boxes.

© Edward Hendricks

Most of the spaces are arranged in a linear manner to facilitate light and cross-ventilation; also the use of Low- emissivity glass.

© Edward Hendricks

The architect drew his inspiration from both Philip Johnson and Tadao Ando. The detailing of the black glass box atop the white concrete mass and interplay of light and spaces.

© Edward Hendricks

This is one of their 1st houses where Park + Associates are satisfied with both the internal spaces and the form, and also the way they tie in with each other.

Cite: "23 Alnwick Road / Park+Associates" 01 Dec 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 18 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=187577>


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    If the architects are satisfied with both the internal spaces and the form, please show us a picture of the maids room without any window and half the size of guests bathroom.

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    such arrogance and ignorance! Or they have very low standards. Horrible looking models that do not show anything.

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    You may be confusing Maid Room with Maid Bedroom that could not be really what you thinking (a place to sleep). It seems more like a quick Exchange/personal keeping room.

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      if this is typical Singapore Style house, i will migrate there to Singapore…and may i know what amazing and wonderful country are you from?

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    “photography” ha … renderings. Why is this in selected works? Please show me a section through that magical cantilever and some calcs … I’d believe magnets are holding that up but nothing else … very … sophmoric.

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