Apartment house / Pokorny architekti

Architects: Pavol Pokorny | Pokorny architekti
Location: Bratislava,
Collaborators: Maria Richterova, Jozef Bator
Project year: 2006-2007
Construction year: 2008
Interior Designers: Pavol Pokorny, Maria Richterova |
Client: Apartments s.r.o.
Photographs: Lubo Stacho

The Apartment House occupies a plot of one of the most heterogeneous urban block in the centre of the City of Bratislava. The appearance of the Apartment House is challenged by the existence of various historical layers and fragments of the surrounding buildings with no other value than their age. The site is also defined by the presence of individual cases of important architectural fragments and buildings listed as cultural monuments. The whole urban structure is under the proces of filling the many existings gaps this block consists of.

The shape of a rental apartment house was designed as a compromise between a strict pressure of the regional monument board and the cleints pragamtic need for a habitable space and contemporary architectural character. A result is provided by the disciplined volume and fasades playing with random patterns, which is a adequate proposal and answer to a such complicated and complex situation. Still this architectural intervention would need to be followed by futher insertion of quality architecture, which would bring to the urban block the expected consistency.

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  • Rokas

    I dont like the flat planes at all.Or maybe they are for the students?
    At first,the impression abouth the outside photos looked to me quite fine.But only the outside!The inside is a mess a little

  • http://www.pokornyarchitekti.sk author

    The customer’s request was to design the planes of the flats as simple as possible – the idea of the apartment house is to rent the flats either for travelling bussinnes people who prefer a rented flat to a hotel or for different social groups for time limited rent (i.e. students, consultants, etc.) The interior spaces are (in spite of Rokas’s opinion) are well organised and the layout is a result of the intrique light conditions on the site.

  • http://www.mako.sk _m

    nice, finally something “ours” :)

    I quite like it, decent architecture, design like this really shouldnt bother anyone even in this significant area.

    My curiosity… are there any possible development activities on small adjacent triangle site?

  • http://www.pokornyarchitekti.sk author

    ad _m: “… are there any possible development activities on small adjacent triangle site?” – we try hard to push the customer to work on it + we presented our opinion, but it is quite a mess, too many crossing lines (the neighbour client, the regional monument board etc.)…

  • Rokas

    Ou,if these flats are ment to rent as semi-hotel,then I take out my earlier comment abouth the planning :)