Wisdom Plaza / MAPA

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Architects: MAPA
Location: Shenzhen,
Project Team: Hoo Khuen Hin (Leader), Lim Ching Tung, Armando Atiencio, Ma Wei, Wu Xijia, Gao Chunyang, Liu Changxin
Client: Shenzhen Zhonghe Industry
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 160,000 sqm (Total GFA)
Photographs: Courtesy of MAPA

Wisdom Plaza is a low-density office and commercial estate that consists of four office blocks linked by a landscaped garden with a partly submerged commercial space. It is conceived as a unique looking built-form, green and sustainable office complex that allow users maximum flexibility in layout design amid a lush, green, landscaped environment. Many unique architectural features previously not seen in office space design are produced here resulting in a delightful and highly functional new form.

Courtesy of MAPA

The sales positioning and target of this project was translated programmatically and formally into a combination of two low-rise 6 story blocks and two 23 story high-rise blocks; in which the two 7000 sqm low-rise blocks would be sold individually to two Fortune 500 Corporations to be used as Company Headquarters. The twin high-rise blocks’ office floor sizes are fixed at two sizes: 760 sqm and 1200 sqm; aimed at mid to large-sized companies that require such large office spaces.

ElevationTypical Floor Plan

Due to the specificity of the required program, the office floor plans are designed to delineate from the typical ‘central core’ office layout. The floor plans here are stretched east-west to achieve maximum south-facing sides for each unit and the main lift core is placed at one side combined with another smaller one at the other end. Coupled with a floor-to-floor height of 4.3m and a structural span of 17m, this creates a large column-less, uninterrupted, bright and airy office space that can be configured in various layouts.

Typical Floor Plan

Two sets of lift cores serve each office unit. Four passenger lifts are placed at one end for the general office workers of any corporation. There are two ‘VIP’ passenger lifts in the other core to be used by the corporations’ executives thus allowing the bosses of each company to arrive at their floor independently. One goods lift is placed in the middle of the two units.

Courtesy of MAPA

To allow users higher flexibility in planning their office space, the VIP and toilet areas have structural drop-slabs to allow users to configure their spaces and toilets according to their needs.

Courtesy of MAPA

One special feature of these offices is the cantilevered balcony spaces strategically placed at the eastern and western facades to provide shade against the sun. Each office unit comes with a set of two large balcony spaces (35-80 sqm); one slated for the public the other for the VIP area. The balconies are staggered from floor to floor to achieve a high, comfortable double-story ceiling height, coupled with partial drop slabs that allow real soil to be used for planting. This extended space creates a green landscaped outdoor area for the office workers to take breaks from their work to smoke, relax and socialize.

Courtesy of MAPA

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