Wall less house / Tezuka Architects

Principal use: Residence
Building site: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo,
Site area: 255.19m2
Footprint area: 50.84m2
Total floor area: 239.91m2
Number of stories: Basement, 3 Floors
Architects: Tezuka Architects – Takaharu+Yui Tezuka, Masahiro Ikeda, Makoto Takei
Structural desing: Ove Arup & Partners Japan Limited
Lighting design: Masahide Kakudate (Masahide Kakudate Lighting Architect & Associates, Inc.)
Construction: Matsumoto Corporation
Design period: 2000.4-2000.12
Construction period: 2000.1-2000.6
Photography: Katsuhisa Kida / FOTOTECA

The  house is supported by a central core and a pair of extremely thin columns. The absence of walls on the ground floor allows the internal space to extend to the garden on 360 degrees.

Katsuhisa Kida / FOTOTECA

Cite: "Wall less house / Tezuka Architects" 22 Mar 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 19 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=16528>


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    ВО приятненько, жаль у нас в таком зимой не поживешь…

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    ‘mmmm’: “I would not wanted to live in this hose…Not cosy….”

    Excellent does that mean you won’t be dropping by when I have this built here in Australia. Perfect for Sydney’s light warm > hot & humid weather. Already contacted the architects.

    Lemme see – dogs, kids, friends, 1947 Thriftmaster in the drive with a Fiat 500 for good measure plus Doomsday Films & dstruct productions in the bunker… err basement and all the Tankless buried water tanks we can install. Yep – works really well!

    This place is stunning for an egalitarian life.

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