In Progress: Superkilen / BIG and Topotek 1

© Dragor Luft

Architect: BIG and Topotek 1
Location: , Denmark
Partner in Charge: Bjarke Ingels
Project Leader: Nanna Gyldholm Møller, Mikkel Marcker Stubgaard
Team: Ondrej Tichy, Jonas Lehmann, Rune Hansen, Jan Borgstrøm, Lacin Karaoz, Jonas Barre, Nicklas Antoni Rasch, Gabrielle Nadeau, Jennifer Dahm Petersen, Richard Howis, Fan Zhang
Collaborators: Topotek 1, Superflex, Help Pr & Communication, Lemming & Eriksson
Client: Copenhagen Municipality, Realdania
Status: 1st Prize, Completion Summer 2011
Size: 4.3 ha
Photographs: , Dragor Luft, Topotek 1

© Dragor Luft

How do you create a solid and open framework that can satisfy the wishes and needs of 57 cultures and thousands of individuals?

The project is not a finalized art piece but an open creation that will receive content and shape throught the diologue with the users. The choice of colours and materials begin as neutral to language and culture but acquire a meaning over time as they are used in the cityspace and populated by the inhabitants.


The different surfaces and colours of the area are integrated so that they become a backdrop for a variety of objects chosen by the citizens and curated by the designers. This backdrop is at the same time neutral, distinctive and discreet. The Superkilen project is part of a partnership between Copenhagen Municipality and Realdania. The goal is to make the Nørrebro neighbourhood become the center of innovative urban spaces of international standard which can be an inspiration for other cities and neighbourhoods.

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  • SALT

    Wow…ummmmmmmm bright? Lets see what the next two phases look like.

  • ksa

    ho boy those photos from the ground dont do them any favors. How much more money will it take to “close” this open framework huh?

  • Brunu

    Anyone knows what’s the red material on the floor?

    • Random Guy

      Im not actually sure whether this is real (already) or a great photoshop (BIG is excellent at it), but my guess would be colored concrete of some kind.
      But the question is whether a bit of coloring will create the city centres they aspire to create. Looking forward to the finished project.

  • Mr P

    13 people + collaborators to design this thing?

    • Mrs P

      Mr P,
      Sure, you would have done it all by yourself (including construction).

      But your comment suggests why you are still writing comments on blogs, instead of working on significant projects (other than the house with garage in your neighborhood).
      Get over it and contribute to architectural blogs with your own masterpieces, much rather than suggesting in pathetic comments, you would have been able to submit such. Once you reached that point, you would not hide behind fake names or avatars anymore, but put the signature of your own name beside your work. Until then, you are just and nothing but a troll.

      • Randy


  • lacullinane

    @Brunu – Looks like the material they use for tennis courts.

  • nz

    welcome to the candy shop… lalala

  • ariana roberts

    wow…but when it fades? i hope they will continually keep this pretty project up!

  • JL

    Oh man, no words. This is horrible.

  • palapa

    horrible. what the hell did BIG think?