LEGO Group’s Development Department / Bosch & Fjord

Architects: Bosch & Fjord
Location: Billund,
Client: LEGO Group’s Development Department
Project Year: 2007
Photographer:  Anders Sune Berg

have designed a space for LEGO Group’s Development Department in Billund that is both visually and socially stimulating for its employees and visitors. As a multinational workplace, cooperation and knowledge sharing is essential for the employees and thus the interior design of their department. A reception area, café and group of meeting rooms were designed to meet these needs.

Unlike most corporate offices, the reception area and the café are linked together in one place – and also one table! Whilst employees are drinking coffee or informally meeting, visitors are being welcomed by a receptionist in the same location, creating a dynamic and active social space.

The café is divided into three areas – dining, café, and lounge – each with its own character and functionality, thereby inviting different types of meetings and gatherings. Large common tables, small group tables and lounge seating create an environment for organic socializing: planned meetings, spontaneous conversations and new friendships and ideas.

Thirteen unique meeting and project rooms were designed in order to inspire creativity and meet the various demands of their users. The collection of rooms accommodates different degrees of use, from formal to informal meetings, short to long meetings, small to large meetings, brainstorming to development, and so forth.

The overall design of the space is a modern and mature interpretation of a youthful brand. Modern furnishings and clean white surfaces nicely contrast playful patterns, forms and colours. The design is professional and confident, but also creative and proudly states that it does not take itself too seriously.

*Plans and elevations pending approval from LEGO

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  • pitypig

    so cute,awesome to work in it

  • JDR

    Lego Development Department:
    What a dream to work in!

    The design itself is kinda basic interior stuff. The everyday ikea feeling..

  • Modernaux

    I had the same thought, very much IKEA. But works well in this semi-industrial setup.

  • lexgood

    Very nice, especially the meeting rooms. But, is anyone else just slightly dissapointed that it’s not all made out of giant lego bricks?…

  • dennis

    lexgood, just a little bit. But this definitely is a good overall office design….maybe a little ikea feeling, but then again it is Lego.

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  • Cory

    Where are the legos – big disappointment

  • mannygutierrez

    RT @danielkonold: Amazing office space seen on the interwebs today LEGO’s development department (via @doughamlin)

  • negin


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  • Ruben Schmidtmann

    LEGO ist der Hammer. Nicht nur das Spielzeug, auch deren Entwicklungsgebäude. via @stylespion

  • Preben Carlsen

    RT @tveskov: Nydeligt redesign af LEGO R&D i Billund;

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  • Zendra

    One more reason to love LEGO

  • mumu

    LEGO Group’s Development Department クリエイティブな職場はやはりきれい。

  • Bhummiwat M.

    RT @butthun: Office LEGO น่าอยู่จริงๆ

  • BLINK7 at MBK

    RT @meddlesome: RT @butthun: Office LEGO น่าอยู่จริงๆ

  • Sam Schembri

    Hello my name is Sam and l’m 7 years old. l love Lego especially your Lego Agents Designs. l have an idea for a new lego Agent set.
    There could be a treasure chest in the very deep sea in a base. There could be hengemen with guns going to get the treasure. But an agent is there to stop them.

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  • time&space
  • camilo

    Big disappointment. Very boring for a lego office. Not to much creativity, it looks like a nice hospital.

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  • Games Products

    We are very impressed with the articles with your site. I get so many ideas to help my home.