Houseboat / X-Architects

Architects: X-Architects
Location: Dubai marina, Dubai
Program: Leisure home
Constructed Area: 220 sqm
Photographs: X-Architects

X-Architects closely collaborated with Leen Vandaele, interior decorator ar¬chitect and design consultant from Squisito, to create a houseboat that in¬ventively combines the nautical lifestyle of relaxation and enjoyment with crisp architectural tectonics.

The fundamental structure of the floating home is created from two catamaran beams (for stability), stainless and . The layout of the structure, which is 20 meters by 6.7 meters, includes an upper deck containing a concealed kitchen, living room and an informal dining area. The Lower deck houses the bedrooms, bathroom and steering cabin. It also features a terrace, with spiral staircase access, that can be used as a sun deck. The interior is a blend of soft white tones, with contemporary furniture and chic bathroom fittings adding to the modern yet cozy ambiance. The architectural lighting makes this boat house more striking in the evening while it glides smoothly along the lucid waters of Mina Seyahi.

Cite: "Houseboat / X-Architects" 07 Feb 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 Sep 2014. <>


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    ВАУ НУ ВАЩЕ… тока не говорите что он еще и плавает…

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    This kind of living has a big future. It has a very high level of living quality and live on the water might be more important in some regions (for example the Maledives) in the future in general because of the global warming.

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    Would love more information on this houseboat,the X-Architects from Dubai. And how much it costs and can it be built down in the states.

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    Need to know what’s the smallest square footage you can build for a one bedroom and can it be done in the States

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    Can´t wait to see some of these houses on the Rhine River. They are simple in some way but so beautiful.

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