House in Warsaw / Damian Cyryl Kotwicki

© Damian Cyryl Kotwicki

Architects: Damian Cyryl Kotwicki
Location: ,
Interior Design: Adriana Olczak
Project area: 560 sqm
Project year: 2007
Photographs: Damian Cyryl Kotwicki

© Damian Cyryl Kotwicki

The main idea of the project was to design an optimal land use compatible with the investor’s programme and the conditions of land building scheme. The plot is very small ca.600m2 with the entrance from the south,so with common parts we are opening to the south and west. Additionally from the South I withdraw elevation on the ground floor, creating a terrace with arcades thus it fell back farther from the street. I wanted to make this house very simple in plan and form, referring to the classic house. By using precious linings of brick with concrete, wood for warming the perception,titanium-zinc sheet as well as large glazed five-meter I created the impression of modern structure in a classic shape. For a breakdown of the length of the roof I used a one bay on each side what additionally ameliorate the block and create a more usable space in the attic.

© Damian Cyryl Kotwicki
ground floor plan

Customers are a young couple with own business. The house was designed in accordance with the functional program of the investor. On the ground floor there is a large garage for two cars and an open living area to spend time during the day as well as kitchen, dinning room, a lounge and a lobby with a beautiful circular staircase located in the central part of the house. On the upper floor of localized extra lounge and two bedrooms with bathrooms for inhabitants and guests.

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  • David

    I don’t really like the project but that staircase is very nice, positioned poorly (being basically on the kitchen counter) and nothing else in the house appears to go with it at all. Knock down the house and build a new one around that staircase.

  • MK

    I can agree with previous speaker, futhermore the exterior as well as the interior is mixing to many styles. It is just like an Ikea store.

  • skrilax

    it’s just a house – you can find thousands of such buildings around the europe

  • g

    Nice tree placement. Logically planned. I would have like to see the home unfurnished. Perhaps too spacious on the first floor but an overall strong deign from its surroundings. great job damian

  • pg

    kinda disagree with David and MK.. ambiance created with diff.materials is great and fusion of styles or creating a new style is very much difficult than just typing some words(MK).which i think damian managed well.
    no design is perfect in all sense..sometime we just accept it..or get to use to it…it applies to all great designers…