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Brione House / Wespi de Meuron

  • 01:00 - 20 September, 2011
Brione House / Wespi de Meuron
Brione House / Wespi de Meuron, © Hannes Henz
© Hannes Henz

© Hannes Henz © Hannes Henz © Hannes Henz © Hannes Henz +20

  • Location

    Brione sopra Minusio, TI, Switzerland
  • Architects

    Markus Wespi Jérôme de Meuron architects
  • Engineer

    Anastasi SA, 6604 Locarno
  • Building Physics

    IFEC Consulenze SA, 6802 Rivera
  • Construction Supervision

    Guscetti Arch. Dipl., 6648 Minusio
  • Contractor

    Merlini + Ferrari SA, 6648 Minusio
  • Carpenter

    Erich Keller AG, 8583 Sulgen
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

From the architect. The new building is located in a privileged but sprawled urban area above Locarno, with an overwhelming view on the city, the surrounding mountains and the lake.
The project is a discrete reaction to a daily subject: to build into a crowded and chaotic urbanized area. Therefore all attributes of a classical house were totally omitted.

© Hannes Henz
© Hannes Henz

Two simple steaning cubes are emerging from the hill - fragmentarily - more associated to the landscape than to the other existing buildings - more alike a wall than a house - and time less. Habitable interiors are generated through cavities.

© Hannes Henz
© Hannes Henz

Two similar big openings, with wooden grids serving as moveable gates, are providing access and view. Additional light is taken in through courtyards. The water of the swimming pool, embedded in the valley facing cube, merges perfectly with the lake.

© Hannes Henz
© Hannes Henz
Cite: "Brione House / Wespi de Meuron" 20 Sep 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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sahar · May 09, 2013


lalani · July 03, 2012

hey its an amazing, beautiful house, you know i may have gone through about 10 to 15 times may be more. i like it so much. why dont you give us the house plan. have courage to make more and more houses beatiful, tc tks

mmmh... · September 23, 2011

Two simple steaning cubes | Brione House / Wespi de Meuron | via @archdaily #architecture #Switzerland

Rico + Roa · September 22, 2011

Nos da ideas para un proy actual RT @almale Bonitas secciones: Brione House / Wespi de Meuron | vía @archdaily

fernanda de carvalho · September 22, 2011

Arquitetos, vale a pena perder 5 minutinhos aqui: via @archdaily

Isabel Nassif · September 22, 2011

Arquitetos, vale a pena perder 5 minutinhos aqui: via @archdaily

Gosia Kung, AIA · September 21, 2011

In the begining threre was light

stepienybarno · September 21, 2011

Bonitas secciones: Brione House / Wespi de Meuron | vía @archdaily

almale · September 21, 2011

Bonitas secciones: Brione House / Wespi de Meuron | vía @archdaily

Andy Winkler · September 21, 2011

Brione House / Wespi de Meuron #architecture

Swap · September 21, 2011

This home is just mind-blowing...
I remember seeing this same project published here little more then a year ago?!, but for a project of this calibre I'll let it slide :)

(Actually A LOT of previously projects are being re-published, what's up with that?

Haley Montgomery · September 21, 2011

Wow. Love this and the section drawings are great. >> Brione House via @archdaily

Christoph Kapeller · September 21, 2011

Gorgeous House in Brione, Switzerland

Graham Cowen · September 21, 2011

The Brione House by Wespi de Meuron is a stunning home in an amazing location! #architecture

Artweety · September 21, 2011

Brione House / Wespi de Meuron #architecture

Pedro D. Munoz Jr. · September 21, 2011

Brione House / Wespi de Meuron | ArchDaily via @archdaily

Badini · September 21, 2011

Brione House / Wespi de Meuron #architecture"

Kristin Ruther · September 21, 2011

Clean lines, stone: Brione House / Wespi de Meuron | ArchDaily via @archdaily

André Amaral · September 21, 2011


Adhie Indreswara · September 21, 2011

Brione House / Wespi de Meuron via ArchDaily - © Hannes Henz Architects: Markus Wespi Jérôme de Meuron ...

@ArchiStream · September 21, 2011

via @archdaily Brione House / Wespi de Meuron #Architecture

emerson · September 21, 2011

one of the most beautiful homes at this century.

dr · September 21, 2011

beautiful... one project like this in a month and i'm ok...

Tomas Vazquez · November 12, 2010 #architecture #interiordesign Touch of light!

Lars van der Werf · June 28, 2010

Een vreemd, maar heel mooi huis. In Zwitserland:

cfrart · February 25, 2010

..simply beautifull,..U make my day, thanks..

daiber · June 19, 2009

you can be naked all day long in these house withaout the risk of neighbours notice it.

It's like they are trying to be Zumthor in some way

Kythe · June 12, 2009

I wonder if the lack of windows, contrasted with the one massive window out to the view in the main living space, might in fact prevent one from becoming imune to the beauty of the surroundings? I imagine busying myself with my miriad tasks up stairs, only to come down stairs to be caught by surprise by the beauty of where i lived..

james webb · May 27, 2009

martin, it is Pierre's cousin.

Lucas Gray · April 25, 2009

I love designing with materiality driving the process. Great house!

utopian robot · March 05, 2009

I don't know why people have such an issue w/ the lack of windows. There is plenty of natural daylight and a good opening in the kitchen. There is also a pool and suitable OUTDOOR space in which to take in the surrounding landscape. Architecture is more than just "spectacular views" and this project demonstrates that quite well.

anavic · October 21, 2009 06:48 PM

I'm going to ask you a question so you can answer to yourself:

What would you prefear to see by you bedroom's window at the morning: a huge lake surrounded by mountains or an indirectly iluminated wall with just one poor plant?

Parrish · February 10, 2009

I view this residence in the tradition of old stone residences. This home is a beautiful rendition of a modern contemporary castle. I have never liked the idea of living in a castle due to their "cold" nature, however this home makes a wonderful modern argument to the contrary. Well done.

Le Corbusier · February 05, 2009

Didn't realize how much I missed stone masonry in architecture, and its celebrated so tastefully, augmented by clear lines. Though I can sympathize with the poster who questioned the lack of windows. Again though, it achieves a certain monolithic sort of authority by not being so pierced.

Dimitri · February 05, 2009

Stunning. It looks homely, natural but also clean.

I'd happily live there!

preetty sandhu · February 04, 2009

this is such a sensitive and honest piece of work I've seen in awhile.
its comforting to see the use of stone, lines, shadows and structure in a way that provides security instead of authority , arrogance and stark coldness. bravo

Ghassan Haddad · February 03, 2009

i love it

jambo · January 31, 2009

beautiful, not a word you can often use...but here i think its applicable

Rokas · January 30, 2009

Partially agree with Thonas-It would be interesting to know why theres no views of the fabulous surrounding?To TANGENT-theres only 1 windoe to the outside-so they could do anything without blocking the view.The question appeared because the all the project is very well thought-through-and maybe it was made by reason?

Lite · January 30, 2009

Extremely sensitive. So honest. One of the best projects i've seen in a while! Congratulations!

Keomi · January 30, 2009

A fabulous piece of architectural art, but who would want to live there? First thing I'd do is build a terrace on the roof to take advantage of the views.

Thonas · January 29, 2009

Beautiful house, but why enclose the bedrooms with a tall wall making a "courtyard" of what could have been a terrasse with a lovely view and even more light??! Thats just plain stupid!! If I was the client i would have demanded that wall be removed, and even laughed some at the architects.

Virginia · January 29, 2009

Extremely sensitive. Sculptural. I feel the stonework has been lovingly hand selected.

Arman · January 29, 2009

Wow! I love this house! I've never heard of this architect before. What a good way to discover a new, amazing practice! (At least for me). Thanks ArchDaily!

martin not too architect · January 29, 2009

what a beautiful house. very subtle light works.
Is him Pier de Meuron's brother or something?

Kit Kollmeyer · September 21, 2011 03:07 PM


tangent · January 29, 2009

Rokas: Even though there is no siteplan, it's very easy to get a feel for the site by looking at the section. Putting the car access to the lowest point puts it out of the way, not blocking the views, or making the plan too deep.

simon · January 29, 2009

Great detail, materiality, timeless concept etc. as everyone mentioned above. There is today often an over-provision of window openings, glazing, and cheap views. However I think this project is bordering on being a bit wastefull of its site in its very restrained (albeit thoughtful) treatment of framed views.

m · January 29, 2009

nice architecture. if i were the client, i would want atleast some small windows from the bedrooms, preferably to the side where the pool is. i know it would change the front facade, but having only skylight in the bedrooms when there's such a nice view into the valley would be sad for me.
also i question the waste of built-up space between the pool and the garage...

Tane · June 16, 2010 04:15 AM

Ha, ha, ha. do you also question the waste of built-up space between the pyramid and the burial chambers contained within?

christos · January 29, 2009

a beautiful house, amazing architecture using only a few traditional materials but very modern too!!

Agentvlin · January 29, 2009 has a good thread on this house. It includes a sketchup model for those interested (registration and participation require).

raúl · January 29, 2009

very good

sometimes I think that the importance of the materials used in the works has been completely forgotten. but in this case it seems that it has been put in first place, what is an exaggeration in my opinion and can be unsupportable to live a long time in that place

joel · January 29, 2009

beautiful spaces, and sharp lines. great attention to the physical and aesthic role natural light can play in design. a real pleasure to look at and it gives me a true appreciation for architecture. however, it only seems habitable for James Bond henchman.

Contemporary Art · January 28, 2009

Awesome. So peaceful and secure. I'm sure whoever lives there understands what a privileged position they occupy. Really nice.

brianbuchalski · January 28, 2009

Very nice. Amazing how good architecture can look when it's built to last.

... · January 28, 2009

One word: Sensitivity ... any plans?

Rokas · January 28, 2009

It's a pity,there's no site plan.And there's not enought photos to understand why you must go down the road with your car?Why it cant stay above?Photos of the interior is clean, honest, theres a lot of air.
I've liked the ceilings expecially...

John Maher · January 28, 2009

that is nice. that has made my day, thank you Meuron


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© Hannes Henz

Brione 住宅 / Wespi de Meuron