Box House / Studio H:T

© Ellen Jasksol

The Box House designed by architects Studio H:T and located in , provides the homeowners with compelling views. Taking into consideration a steep slope and wildfire prone area the architects capitalized on these site challenges creating a home that is unique in form, space and materiality.

Architect: Studio H:T
Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA
Photographs: Ellen Jasksol

© Ellen Jasksol

The Box House begins with a concrete ribbon that carves the hillside to create space for the boxes.

ribbon diagram

The garage and main level push into the earth while the studio and master float above. A spatial slot organizes procession from the northern car-park to the southern courtyard. Courtyards form introverted space that perceptually enlarge the interior. Roof decks are extroverted, capitalizing on views. The dialog between grounded and floating permeates the design in materiality and attachment.

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