Giant Headquarter Building / Studiobase Architects + Reborn Studio

© Wei-Min Yuan

Architects: Studiobase Architects +
Location: Taichung , Taiwan
Design principal: Ming-Wei Huang, AIA
Project team: CJ Wang, Mark Sun, Hsing-Feng Lin, Han Wang
Project area: 4,800 sqm
Project year: 2008
Photographs: Wei-Min Yuan

© Wei-Min Yuan

Being the leading bicycle manufacturer of Asia, Giant INC. Product Design Headquarter works not only as a research & development office, but also is in charge of retail marketing, product design and staff training in the Pacific area. To respond the company’s image, our design tries to transfer the idea of motion and speed into the experience of bicycle movement. At the same time, the Giant INC. also wants this building to stand as a model of the sustainability in Taiwan.

© Wei-Min Yuan

As the headquarter of the Pacific area, the first and second floor serve as the Giant retail store and the bicycle ramp that wraps around the building becomes the main character of this project. The 2-meter-wide ramp is 46 meter long, and raises 4 meter high from the ground level pedestrian to the second floor retail store entrance with an 8% slope in average. The ramp also cuts the five corners in plan and creates a curvy boundary for the building skin. Although this bike ramp actually stops at the second floor, we tried to make the rest of building skin looks like the ramp extension that goes up to the roof, and finally comes up with this spiral-like expression. We wish the idea of motion and speed could be delivered with the ramp and the spiral-like expression.

© Wei-Min Yuan
second floor plan

Located next to the former Taichung local airport, the building skin also tries to react to the movement of heavy traffic and north wind. This industrial-design-shaped façade not only makes the street corner more dynamic, but also reduces the drag coefficient impacting on the building skin. The office interior tried to break the stereotypes of a modern headquarter, by introducing more intimacy and comfort in the work spapce.

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  • æon

    Very similar to the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

    • mojokex

      Not even close.

  • up_today_arch

    Not the same prinsiple… I like this cladding… looks like paper model… clear…

  • Jordan Leonard Tait

    Seriously? Same flipping building, without the try-glyph circulation. booooooo

  • TM

    Hey! Let´s build a building exactly like the one UNStudio did for Mercedes but let´s make it look horrible and function even worse!
    Yes we did it!
    Creativity please my friends!!

  • me

    it doesn’t look like the benz museum at all. the facade is straighten, some structure members are missing , and the envelope is squized into the street block. no no no it doesn’t look anywhere simillar.

  • Josh Mings

    There is always more to it than meets the eye. While this may share some of the stylistic characteristics of the MB Museum, if you dissect the plans it clearly shows that the form is derived by urbanistic conditions and concerns. This is certainly not the object in a field that the MB Museum is.

    • jek

      “if you dissect the plans it clearly shows that the form is derived by urbanistic conditions and concerns”

      TLDR: the building is shaped like its lot

  • Yea

    hmmmm…toooo close to UNStudio’s

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    copy cats around…
    but look at the bright side
    it is brave for him to post it on!

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    I guess this low rate hidding is quite unfair…My opinion is the same as almost all the other posts and I´m the one that gets to be hid. =P
    Sorry if I was disrespectful towards the fellow professionals. But it was meant to be a critical opinion to what I consider not very good practice.