Maritime Youth House / PLOT

Architects: PLOT = BIG + JDS
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Client: Kvaterloft Copenhagen, Loa Fund
Constructed Area: 2,000 sqm
Project year: 2004
Budget: US $1,950,000
Photographs: Julien de Smedt, Mads Hilmer, Esben Bruun, Paolo Rosselli

How do you turn the problem of a polluted site into an architectural potential?

A third of our budget was allocated to remove our polluted topsoil. By covering the site with a wooden deck we could leave the soil where it was and invest the money on the building rather than the site’s polluted topsoil. The result is a public landscape of social functions surrounded by water on all sides.


Two very different users had to share the facilities: a sailing club and a youth centre with conflicting requirements: the youth centre wanted outdoor space for the to play; the sailing club required most of the site to moor their boats. The building is the result of these two contradictory demands: The deck is elevated high enough to allow for boat storage underneath while providing an undulating landscape for the to run and play above.

The interior of the building is very low key: the front room oriented towards the coastline, is used as a common room where most of centre’s daily activities take place. It utilizes a higher level of materials and detailing than the workshop and storage areas. The floor in the workshop is a standard grey concrete whereas the commons area has a polished Aalborg white concrete with white aggregate. The presence of hard surfaces used on the interior is meant to contrast the wooden exterior, an inversion of what is commonly done (wooden interior, concrete and asphalt exterior). This is meant to reflect the dominance of outdoor activities of the youth house. The Maritime Youth House has therefore gained an additional ‘room’ which IS the wooden deck – it supports all the centre’s programs, indoor and outdoor.

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  • Ethel Baraona Pohl

    In this book there is a brief text about the wood use in the project, take a look at project 14 of the index (or page 70):

    As always, great posts at arch daily!! Thanks

  • Contemporary Art

    This looks like a dream for kids; a mysterious landscape, but still one dynamic enough for lots of dynamic playing. An excellent solution.

  • Dm

    And…do they have something to do with FOA? I mean…it’a A LOT like Yokohama International Passenger terminal…
    Looks nice, though.

  • simon

    A great project, BIG and JDS need to get back together again. Are some of these photos not loading all of the way or is it just me?

  • Maria-Louiza Laopodi

    Wonderful structure and idea! Congrats!

  • jay

    How can you achieve a different solution, concerning the toxic soil.., by making a wooden roof, that even elevates in some sections to create open spaces?

  • shamb

    Getting tired of these diagrams presenting a project as a simple and rational move, when it never can, or will be. Being BIG or not, being a fan of Darwin or not, these ways of presenting a architectual project as a simply natural process of “cause and effect” is a great visual map to present to your client, but can not touch upon the richness and contradictions every healthy project contains. In the same way you can make a concept accessible, you can also make it restricted and poor.

    • Saulo

      i totally agree with you….but this is a good proyect, with this “accesible diagrams” or whitout them…congratulations PLOT

  • agbar

    I went to see this. Someone came out of the office and yelled at me to stop walking on the roof. Seriously.

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  • bpwnz

    Looks like a nice skate park.

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  • 2MACoff

    О СЕНДБОКС )))

  • pepermint

    a landscape Architect interesting in Architecture

  • Kilian

    Plot, I like it – individual form are unbelievably calming

  • jds

    Hello there, I discovered your blog by means of Google even as looking for a similar topic, your site got here up, it seems great. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

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