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  7. Bento Golçalves House / Studio Paralelo

Bento Golçalves House / Studio Paralelo

  • 01:00 - 5 January, 2009
Bento Golçalves House / Studio Paralelo
Bento Golçalves House / Studio Paralelo

Bento Golçalves House / Studio Paralelo Bento Golçalves House / Studio Paralelo Bento Golçalves House / Studio Paralelo Bento Golçalves House / Studio Paralelo +25

  • Architects

  • Location

    Bento Golçalves, RS – Brazil
  • Architects

    Studio Paralelo
  • Project Team

    Luciano Andrades, Rochelle Castro e Valéria Bertolini
  • Structural Engineering

    Pasquali e Associados
  • Lighting

    Potencial Engenharia
  • Landscape

    Samuel Seben
  • Contractor

    Icon Incorporadora
  • Constructed Area

    360 sqm
  • Area

    930.0 sqm
  • Project Year


From the architect. The house is located in the city of Bento Gonçalves, mountain region of Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil, in an area that originally was part of a rural site. The proposal was developed for a couple that will receive, eventually, its three children.

The land, almost a square, 32 x 30 meters has flat topography broken by a smooth declivity in the North limit. Next to that natural irregularity, a set of araucarias trees, native species of the mountain region, configure the landscape.

The house is a rectangle of 9 vs. 27 meters in reinforced concrete, separated from the ground in a smooth unevenness of 0.90 meters. The program is organized in two levels. In the elevated ground floor the terrace in "L" conforms the accesses and integration to the garden. Internally the main circulation advances since the access until the main suite, passing through the sector of services, social and intimate. In the other level, in semi-basement, are located the garage and the cellar.

Complementing the program, a little house shelters the wood oven, baths and the volume of the water tank. The South façade, faced to the street, establishes by the rhythm of the openings the degree of privacy in the different sectors: total permeability in the access, controlled in the social area and hermetic in the intimate one. In the North face, taking advantage of the best views, glass panels establish the connection of the interior with the garden.

The used materials were reinforced concrete, brick wall and aluminum windows with thermo-acoustic glass and metallic sliding bars.

The space disposition of the program, synthesized by the stripe moved away from the ground, obtains new points of view over the landscape, respecting its scale, with minimum interference for the city.

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Aman Playboy · March 05, 2012

Bento Golçalves House / Studio Paralelo | ArchDaily via @archdaily

Bráulio · March 12, 2010

Grande bosta.

ALINE MACIEL · March 12, 2010

oi adorei esta casa...ela é da minha cidade!!!

Marianne · March 04, 2010

Just like Oswaldo Bratke.

rrs.arq · March 05, 2010 12:48 AM


rrsman · January 22, 2010

Nice to see this kind of architecture here in Rio Grande do Sul.

rodrigo. R.S. · January 22, 2010
Quique Pinardi · June 11, 2009

Felicitaciones por lo logrado...

Ignacio Henríquez · January 13, 2009

The floorplans reminds not only of Klotz´Casa Viejo, but also a house in Cachagua, Chile, made by Gubbins architects. Don´t recall de house name, think it was called Casa Omnibus

Almeida · January 10, 2009

it looks nice for an apartment, boring as house. Pile a dozen of this and get a nice apartment tower.

Jeison · January 08, 2009

This modern house is a nice surprise in Bento Gonçalves, a very wealthy little town in the South of Brazil. The town is known by it´s italian influence on many aspects of it´s culture, including architecture. Congratulations.

Gera_London · January 07, 2009

Congratulations to the architects.

It is an exemple of a first class project.

I think that the reference which the architects have been used was based in Souto Moura’s projects (like “ Cascais House” and “Algrave House”), the same one used by Mathias Klotz on the “Viejo House”.

That means the work made by the Portuguese architect is previews than Chilean architect.

Lite · January 07, 2009

This house is pretty much identical to Mathias Klotz's Casa Viejo. What a shame ...

Tom in London · January 07, 2009

Yet another incredibly luxurious private house in one the most socially unjust countries in the world. How about publishing some pictures of the favelas, where most Brazilians are forced to live?

M! · January 07, 2009

How can´t anyone be bored of that kind of van der Rohe box?

I wish brazilian architects known the paradigm of complexity... but they still repeat modernism concepts.

claude · January 07, 2009

aaahhh finally, forget ordos100!

Ricardo Santos-Denver-Colorado · January 06, 2009

I like the overall parti but it looks a bit institutional. The plan is well defined between public and private spaces allowing a large open living area. Great solution on the entrance. It serves as a connector between the north and south of the site as well as the main entry point to the house. I find the project to be well designed, but contrived without much personal expression. It seems to follow the rigid lines of the grid as its main constraints, instead being design inspired spaces.

Leandro Almeida-Poa-RS · January 06, 2009

Belo projeto. Excelente a iniciativa de publicar nossa arquitetura de qualidade no archdaily. Parabéns ao fotógrafo também, excelentes as fotos.

fino · January 05, 2009

simple, clean, with customizable space. nice

that is all.

m. · January 05, 2009

Its something like my dream house. Only its looks like monument, maybe add some wood or flowers.

Jay · January 05, 2009

I like it over all. the cast concrete even the port hole windows but I find the layout of the bedrooms and bath boring.


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Bento Golçalves 住宅 / Studio Paralelo