Arc House / Maziar Behrooz Architecture

© Matthew Carbone

Architects: Maziar Behrooz Architecture
Location: , NY, USA
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of , Matthew Carbone

© Matthew Carbone

The Arc House is a private residence designed for a couple and their two big dogs.

The site is under a flight path to the local airport and close to a train track. We felt that by using an industrial building technology, an airplane hangar, we would transcend the perceived limitations of such proximities. Further, we were all seduced by the idea of a large column-less self-supporting canopy that enclosed all the public spaces of the house -cost effectively.

site plan

The challenge was to find a scale for the arch that would transform this building system into an intimate and enclosed space. At a radius of 39’ with a peak ceiling height of 16’, we felt the building would be small enough to feel comfortable and yet have a sense of largeness associated with its uninterrupted ceiling curve.

The arch contains the living, dining and kitchen areas in an open plan.

© Matthew Carbone

The entry canopy to the arch and a few other components within it are at a height of 7’, creating a touchable lower plane within the larger structure. To allow the client flexibility to add future bedrooms, we decided to house them in a flat- roofed section, in the rear, that is made of structural insulated panels (SIPS).

The lower level houses an office, a sitting room, a garage and work out areas; part of the lower level opens to a courtyard that allows cool air circulation and a distinctly private outdoor space.

© Courtesy of Maziar Behrooz Architecture

By splicing the house into the landscape, we were able to transform the flat site into one with multiple horizons and take advantage of natural cooling and passive design.

The energy usage of the house is significantly less than a typical house of this size; due to both the arc shape and materials used.

SIP panels, high-thermal windows, closed-cell foam insulation and a metal roof were chiefly used while the use of conventional lumber was limited to interior framing and the exterior cedar siding only.

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  • Fatemah ALAsadi

    Arc House / Maziar Behrooz Architecture,very Beautiful design especially the relathion between environment and house, and the interior design mor than Beautifully.

  • Jay Ahmad

    very nice and differently crafted

  • FRM

    Awfully similar to John Lautner’s Garcia House from 1962..

  • Mattie Klare

    Great creations. Keep going to do such a super job. I love the style and the design is unbelievable cool. Would love to live in one of this buildings. Right now I will see to get my garage soon. Thanks

  • Frank646

    @FRM Or numerous Kmart or super-market designed mid-century throughout America. “Awfully” similar because the basic arch is kind of, well, an arch since forever.