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China Light and Textile City Fashion Show Center / WAU Design

Overlooking_inner and outer rings define event space and daily space. Image © Zhi Xia Outer Ring_"stage" hole. Image © Zhi Xia Slope lounge. Image © Zhi Xia Overhead floor_patio ventilation. Image © Zhi Xia + 28

Shaoxing, China
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Badel Block Complex Proposal / WAU Design

Courtesy of WAU Design
Courtesy of WAU Design

In the proposal for the Badel Block competition, WAU Design considered the site and its position as an opportunity to create a new center for the locals as well as a new entrance for the city through the ‘Communities of a Single Roof’ design. Considering the relative lack of public space and facilities in the neighborhood, they propose to extend the square and the market inside the Badel block and enlarge the space devoted to culture and leisure in order to strengthen the sense of community and centrality. More images and architects’ description after the break.